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benzo addiction

does anyone care to discuss their experience?
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well, i will.... lol   I took .5-2mgs of xanax pretty much every night for like a year.  t the same time I was abusing alot of vicodin, and using the xanax to sleep at night.  About 3 1/2 months ago I quit the vicodin, but continued to use the xanax to get through the detox.  After the 1st month off the vicodin, I realized the xanax was really messing with me.  The main problem I had besides major depression, xanax w/ds induced panic attacks and cravings, was I really didn't believe I could sleep without it.  So I tried to taper down.  I dont know if that really worked, I didn't have any seizures or anything, but I still couldnt give it up completely.  So I ended up going to my doctor, admitting what I was doing, (I was taking the xanax unprescribed) and telling her I was freaking out that i was going to have a seizure and that I didnt think i could sleep without it.  Well, she told me that she wanted me to get it out of my head that i couldnt sleep without it and suggested ways i could start training myself to fall asleep without anything.  She also told me that i wasnt showing any real signs of being in acute w/d from the xanax, but that even if i was, i should feel fine in 10 days.  So I didnt take anymore xanax and after I calmed down and got my facts straight, i was fine.  Even started sleeping without anything.  Then, because i think i like to tourture myself.... I decide it's time to get off of Effexor.  This was 20 days ago.  I turned back to the xanax because i found my roommates prescription and i was feeling HORRIBLE one sleepless night and thought it would help.  Well, it really didn't, actually it didnt even help me sleep this time.  I took it again for about a week, and then realized I was going to end up getting myself hooked again so I stopped.  Today is day 3 again with no xanax.  I am still really struggling with the Effexor w/ds, so if I am having any xanax w/ds, I am not noticing.  That is my experience.....  Arent you glad you asked? lol
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Hi, I am glad I asked. I get a lot of inspiration from people who have walked this road before me.  I quit cold turkey 11.5 mo. ago. IT WAS HELL!! But, it gets better with time. I do finally believe that I will fully heal and be normal again. It is the need to feel normal and end our suffering that causes us to use again. Don't you agree? I just want to encourage anyone that is facing this.  They are not alone and they will get better and better with much time.
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Thanks for your post. I think its so important for people in the horrible bowels of hell to read about us, and how we got out, and how great it is now,

How do you get out of methadone hell an I still struggle with benzo I have PTSD an all that crap
Let me rephrase that I still crave the benzo an at times relapse shew panick attacks and papataions are jus so bad ontop of things ugh
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Thank you for your post. Would you mind sharing your story? I really feel the need to talk about this today for some reason.
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I've had numerous experiences with attempting to quit benzos cold turkey, nearly all of them have ended up in disaster.  Not to say it can't be done, but it's certainly not safe.  For the most part, if you can get past the first couple of weeks, you're probably not in any danger but the problem is, withdrawal symptoms can (occasionally) linger for many months.  Insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, can last much longer.  You mentioned you'd only been on them a year, I was on for over 6 years (at much higher doses) before I made an attempt to quit.

I don't really want to share my personal story regarding my experiences but I did want to mention to you that this is the time to quit.  Each time you try to quit the withdrawals get worse, every time you take xanax your body (and brain) become more dependent.  It's a vicious and brutal cycle.  

You can also try to find a psychiatrist who might help you taper using a longer acting benzo or to at least advise you on how to get through this.  A lot of family docs just don't understand benzos.  There is one site that specifically deals with benzo withdrawal (************)  There is a myriad of information there and hundreds, maybe thousands who have been  there/done that.  Benzo withdrawal is unique and can be very tough, sometimes extra support and medical care is needed.
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Hi There, I am 30 years old. Addicted to benzos for 10 years got off them at that time it was 2.5mg lorazapam 3 x day so 7.5mg. Went into hospital for 2 week rapid detox, got to a very smal dose of valium and tapered painfully with help of a psychologist. Anyway i was clean i guess for 8 months. Then the anxiety snow balled 10x this was 2014. Fast forward a couple of years iam back on all prescribed aa i dont "abuse benzos" anymore did when i was toung and stupid and knew no better. Anyway now 8m in a worse predicament took on a new job more stress exta responsibility work big hours work my *** off. Take 4mg Klonopin morning 4mg midday just to keep normal. Anyway thats my brief story. Just a questio  to anyone who reads this i am university educated double major, have worked from 15 years of age, in the real world full time from 2011 so not heaps. But i feel like im at a tipping point i cant keep taking these drugs. I am lucky to have a caring mother and father who could support me financially. I am so ged up last time i quit it was to sudden my brain wasnt ready for the real world plus PAWS. Anyway question is do i quit my high stress job and go full rehab mode because thats what its gonna take. Is this ultimately the bwst thing to do. I cant go through rapid detox and function in the job im in now. ****. I love money i love the freedom that comes with it. Only reason i keep working ive become accustomed to my weekly paycheck. I dont want to spunge off my parents but **** i need help. Anyone who wants to way in feel free im all ears. If u dont all good. Just want some opinion from others.

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