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best day yet!

31 days today... was asked if I "wanted anything". Hell no! It was out of the blue! Not even a whisper of a craving! This is by far the best day since hell week. Just wanted to share and thank you all so much for everything. Saved me.
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OH WOW!!!!! terrrrrrrrrific!!!!! Thank GOd!!!!!
just think, in two more nohts how great you will feel!!! THis rocks!
so glad you mad eit!!!

huge hugs,
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So great to hear. By you posting these milestones, it gives the ones just starting out a glimpse of whats ahead for them. I knew you'd get to this day! Time to rebuild your mind and body and enjoy living FREE again. Thanks so much for a positive post.
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I am so happy to hear that you stood your ground, and embraced what u have been fighting for!!!! Way to go!!!!
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You saved yourself. This forum is a great source of information, support and encouragement, but if you don't do the work it's worth zip.
31 days ... Fabulous. Be proud of what you've done and what you're doing.
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Outstanding! That's a major test you just got through, one many people don't pass. Congratulations for keeping it in your rear view!
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Love looking at this old post! I hope it can inspire others to make the leap of faith!
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