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blood pressure medicine for withdrawing from oxy

i asked my doctor for clondine because of the good stories i have read, but he instead wrote ..
.atenolol 50 mg twice a day with tramadol and lexapro for depression says i will need something for depression.
i cant find anything on that blood pressure med atenolol as for helping with withdrawals like clondine ...
anyone take this for help withdrawing
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its basically the same as clonodine.  (IMO you should be really careful with this stuff)
From what I have read atenolol is mostly used for alcohol withdrawal.
Maybe someone who has used it will respond
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i've never heard atenolol,it may work lihe clonodine.Clonodine is fantastic,it takes away that heart pounding and really helps with withdrawal.i dont like when doctors are stubborn.it's almost like they want to see you in dis comfort
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