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hello all---

Well I went to my doctor today to talk about the depression and anxiety I was having.  So she thought it would be a good idea to try an antidepressant since I have been diagnoised with depression even before my addiction. She put me on 10mg of celexa and 0.25mg of xanax as needed. Heres my question has anyone ever used celexa before? I know we are all different but I was wondering if you could tell me how it worked good or bad. Also heres another questions I have been clean now 9 days and today I started feeling achy and my teeth ache and a small fever are these still w/d or do you think I have a cold?  otherwise today I feel good. doctor gave me 5 days off work to help get myself together and I still have my appt with the phycatrist in november so I feel like I am moving in the right direction. Thanks everyone for Listening  honestly dont know if I could do this with out you. :)

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Hey there!
Congrats on your 9 days of freedom!
As you said, everybody is different and what concerns AD's everybody is VERY different. I took citalopram (celxa) and it did absolutely nothing like all SSRI's I tried...
Just give it a shot, give it the time to kick in, it take up to 4 weeks for some ppl.
Watch out with the xanax, it's a highly addictive benzo and you sure don't wanna taper those off.
Best of luck to you.
xoxoxo. sophie.
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SSRIs never worked for me either, also watch out as weight gain is common with them. Xanax can be a prob for anyone and certainly an addict at day 9, be carefull, but also stay active in depression recovery as well, depression is a horrible condition, I suffer with it as well and understand you tryin to get help, keep up all the good work, you are doin great : )
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Thank you I guess it is worth a shot to try the celexa. Lee what are you doing for your depression?  I was given the xanex a couple of years ago and really never took them. I was worried about the addiction of them now also I dont want to trade one addiction for another.  I gave them to my husband to hold on to. I actually feel good today, so far I guess its still early only 540am here but I slept good for once...actually 6 straight hours!!! thats a record so far..lol Thanks for the encouragement!!!

PS....Today starts day10!!!
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As we know Ad's are not for everyone, cymbalta has worked wonders for me. I just couldn't get past the depression and fatique.
Sounds like you have a good plan in place and doing well. Good Luck to you!!!!
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hey girleee well antidepressants are a funny drug.....im bi/polar so ive had my share of them but my experience with celexa has been a positive one im on 1/2 a 10mg pill
and it has been working for 2 yrs for me.....right now im 6 days into detoxing off
methadone and my world is full of anxiety and seams a bit dark right at the moment
im thinking of asking my phyc dr to up it to a full pill this week but dont want to jump the gun...I want to give it time so i get all the way threw my detox...+ in my case two mutch
can send me into a manic episode thats why im on such a low dose ...my advise is give it a chance it took a good 2 weeks b/4 it did annything for me but it keeps me balanced it has proved to me to be one of the better antidepressants out there
CUDOS on 9 days clean and best of luck Gnarly

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