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Im so used to being "opiated" (you can use that word too) lol. I noticed today while I was having a conversation that I can hear myself. Just like when you hear yourself on tape or something. Kind of...scared me a little thinking that I cant hide behind something anymore. Now that Ive thought on this for the last 5 hours and swalloed the anxiety. Im proud of my voice. I just forgot what I sounded like. Hope everyone is well.
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What a cool post. Your voice is beautiful and I'm glad you can hear it. Opiated, love that word❕❗ mind if I use it❔❓ congrats on your clean time my friend. Keep on keeping on ❕❗
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All kinds of weird things happen during detox. I remember my body felt awkward in space...like my sense of movement and body awareness in space was 'off." I know that didn't make much sense. Basically, I kept running into things...like, careless with my limbs. Ok, I give up lol....just keep on trucking!
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LOL ❕❗ been there
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Rosy, feel free to use it any time ;-). Day 10 today!
Bright, I havent expierienced the clumsiness but my brain feels like its swishing around in my head sometimes. Lol when I turn my head my brain slides along. Feeling good so far today!! Hope everyone is well.
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