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cocaine damage to roof of mouth, should i be worried or am i in ok health?

I used cocaine for about a year and a half. Stopped about 5 or 6 months ago, and i wont be doing it again.
i stopped because i noticed it had damaged the roof of my mouth, making two small dents and my tonsil on one side had become infected.

now, several months later, the infection is still there despite no more coke use, however, not as bad. but it might just be a bit of tonsilitis.
i also think the dents may have gotten a little bigger, but that may be my parranoia and noticing the full extent of the damages. but im just not sure

would anyone be able to tell me whether the infection may be damaging the roof of my mouth or maybe there is something connected to the cocaine use that may be continuing to damage the roof of my mouth despite the fact im not still doing it?

this is worrying me a little, i dont want lectures just straight forward answers
can someone please illuminate the subject and tell me whether i should be worried or if im just being silly
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IMO I think you should see a doctor.
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awwww, for christ sake.
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I think you should see a dr too, but since your only worried a lil then don't bother and let it get worse, wtf??? The infection is in your mouth and throat, not nose? Your asked for advice and got it! Sophie is right, we can't see the damage you have done or the infection so dr is your best bet

I did a hell of a lot more coke then you ever dreamed of and damaged my nose, I have a small hole and for a few months after i blew scabs out so gross, I thought parts of my brain were coming out so maybe your just paranoid, but if the infection is in your mouth, go to a dr, sorry you don't like that advice, but it could be something else. Congrats on getting off the blow.
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Nobody is going to lecture you here, we are all drug addicts and have been, or still are, where you are.

I agree with the others, you need to see a doctor. That type of problem cannot be solved on the internet. Congrats on getting clean!
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sweet, cheers
better than letting it get worse. up until now i havent been paying it that much attention
so i havent really got allot to compare it to... and i think most people can appreciate the fact its ahemmm..."confusing"
thanks for the advice :D
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Have you had problems with your nose also? For me, I think it took a few months for my nose to stop bleeding and scabs to stop. I never had problems in my mouth, but you gotta remember coke is cut with all kinds of ****, especially if your getting from small time dealers, cause they just cut it more. It's a tough drug to stay off of, cravings are crazy, but mine have diminished so much now it's a minor miracle. Stay safe, coke is nasty and almost killed me. Stick around, this is a great support group.
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i allways got nice stuff, but ive done other drugs too in the past. i do believe all have taken their toll. luckily i have allot of selfcontrol. only took my a few months to ween myself off it entirely :)/ but yeh. this place has quite a friendly attitude

i did also have my wisdoms out and had a fair bit of cross-contamination
so i think siomething funny has gone on
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The only way you are going to know is if you see a doctor. You can make guesses and speculate on what it might be but really ya just have to go find out what it is. You will feel a Heck of alot better then wondering what it might be.
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I've never heard of a mouth infection from blow, but anythings possible. For me it was the deep sinus cavity in your cheek, just below your eye...the pressure would build up so bad I would get a jaw ache...learned one thing from that...don't buy crappy blow...congrats on getting off, and do get that looked into...seems to be lingering a little too long.
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tend to agree with sink..it would be unusual to have the roof of ur mouth affected by blow/coke..i have seen it eat holes to where both nostrils connected,,,the roof of the mouth is not a big factor with snortin stuff....seems as though u need to go see the dr who took aout ur wisdom teeth...the snortin coulda made it progress cos as a rule if one is on a snortin binge they do not eat well etc..dry sockets r a big risk post any tooth pulled...go c the dr..we r a bunch of recovering addicts here..not physicians...get it checked out  K?
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Just as a side note, where I am from, the Coke dealers starting cutting the blow Methamphetamine, which is much more addictive (keep ya comin back). I little harder on the sinus cavities too.
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been, they said ive got nothing to worry about. no damage what so ever. i may have a pre existing dent in my mouth.
seems the tonsilitis is just playing up and making my mouth really tender. so no problemo here.

nah, you dont see much methamphet. here in the uk.
you get amphet but, like coke. its hard to find good stuff. most things are just cut to hell with glucose
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The link above pic was cause from cocaine abuse. But also about 20 years of use, non-stop for about 10 of the 20 years. I really doubt your is cause by the cocaine, but could have been something put I the cocaine or some type of reaction from the cocaine..  Go see a doctor ...
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Can anyone send me a message on whatsapp or something so I can send them a picture and see what they think of my mouth? Need a second opinion if it looks serious etc before I go to the doctors
Did you ever get checked just wondering because I might have the same thing
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Did you ever get checked just wondering because I might have the same thing
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1300bruno, this is a really old thread.  You could start your own thread and that way others will see it.  What sort of problems are you having?
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