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cocaine is a hell of a drug

Ok i have a question how do i quit and finally quit cocaine its like people around me always have it or want it and i know where it is so they give me free gs if i buy my own i buy a ball at a time  and more than likley i will consume almost 8 gz in a night wake up go to work in the morning get off maybe go to sleep if i want more or if it falls in ny hands once more i will do it all of it if i have it how do i make cocaine last longer or quit and stay done with it how can i function so well at work but stay up all night like i dont know do i need it? I try and wait at least to once a month or three weeks in between but when other people ask me i some how click in my mind i have to get it for them because i want it too ?
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yep coke used to fall out of the sky into my hands to are you from socal hahah you are an addict and should seek some help .. you found this site for a reason try and stay clean for the weekend then see how you feel typing when your high is not helping.
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The behavior you described is definitely addict behavior.  I was the same way. No matter how much or how little drugs (opiates not coke ) I was compelled to just keep at it until it was gone. Even if I needed it to last awhile. Its a big red flag. Cocaine is not a physical addiction but it is a very strong psychological addiction.  You need to stop being the connection. When people call tell them you can't get any. You may feel ok doing this and working now but it will catch up with you and turn on you very soon. It will take over your life. Please seek help from NA and a psychologist. You must put the breaks on now.
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