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cocodamol withdrawal might as well be in hell.

stopped taking cocodamol 30mg 14 days ago but cant sleep snappy depressed when will i fell normal again
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it takes some time, katie... but you will feel better, hang in :)

are you taking anything to help you with sleep...like melatonin ? it is not habit forming...and the amino acids and vitamins can help you also with the depression...exercise is a good way to produce endorphines and help you with your mood...
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Hi Katie, and congratulations on being 14 days clean.

For your sleep, you might want to try Valerian in addition to Melatonin. They are both natural and you can get them at any healthfood shop, herbalists or online. 5HTP from the same sources can also help to lift your mood.

St Johns Wort is very good for depression, but because it has a stimulating effect similar to Fluoxetine (Prozac), it isn't suitable if you're very anxious or agitated.

Exercise helps too, specially walking in the countryside- it can be very calming, distracting and therapeutic.

Unfortunately the time taken to feel normal again does vary from person to person, but having got as far as day 14, you can expect recovery to be fairly fast.

Counselling can also help a lot. Most local drugs charities offer free counselling.

Well done again, you should be really proud of what you've achieved!

Take care
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