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coke does nothing..?

I am a casual drug user and yesterday I tried cocaine for the first (and probably last) time.
I had heard that a friend of mine has no reaction to cocaine, but I thought it might be an isolated reaction.
But, although I did a large amount for a first-time (3 thick lines) I didn't have any reaction to the drug other than numbness in my throat and sinus cavities and lack of appetite.

I was just wondering if this is a common occurrence, and if not, what might be the cause? I don't know what neurotransmitters the drug affects, and so I'm at a loss to try and explain it for myself.
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Who cares thank god that it didn't do anything to you. You do not want that s***in your life. I am so happy that nothing happened.Count it as a blessing.
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Well I am having a craving for coke tonight, so rare now and it ***** bad. You are lucky it didn't do anything, for some this drug dosen't affect them much at all, i have seen it with friends that would use sometimes. Usually you get a large dopamine bump and from that comes euphoria, lots of energy and feeling on top of the world. I am not sure the reason why it does not affect some the same, just as pills never had much of an affect on me, not even oxy's. Sometimes cocaine is cut so bad, you are actually only sniffing a little bit, i have seen people get ripped off too and bought coke with no coke in it. Don't mess around with this drug, your playing with fire. Since it was your first time it really is possible you were completely ripped off.
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I didn't buy it myself, but I did consider the possiblity that my friend was ripped off. She is the kind of person that I myself, if I were a dealer, would rip off. (Yes, I'm shameless.)

I am in ways glad that it didn't do anything to me, but that still leaves my curiosity, pretty dangerous.
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Listen to me please. It does sound like you got ripped off and it is cut with stuff also to give you that numbing just like coke does. I tried this drug one time after turning it down so much and it cost me so much. I thought there is no way a drug could take me down, but this drug is very powerful. It starts off and you think you can control it, then quickly it starts to consume you and you need more. It starts to rewire your brain to think you need this drug to live, it will eat your nose away, destroy your heart and nervous system and leave you with nothing. I got out luckily but it was not easy. I am begging you not to try this drug, you got lucky by being ripped off. You are not prepared for what is waiting for you if you continue. I wish you the best and i am telling you this from experience, not to be an ***. Good luck:)
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Here is thing thing we are not causal drug users we addicts . Some of which are addicted to cocaine .I am sure many of us started out as "casual drugs users" ...
You are playing with fire and there is a very good chance you will get burned. It can happen to you .STOP WHILE YOU ARE AHEAD before you our visiting our forum for another reason.
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What happens if the next time you get "ripped off"from trying something that millions of people are addicted to and I am sure as I can say for myself that the first time I used it I wouldn't have known that the future held jails,institutions and near death.What happens when and your friend takes a snort and drops dead in front of you cause it will kill even first time users not only that what if your sniffing rat poison??How about the emptiness,paranoia and despair you feel when the"fun" runs out,cause that is what will happen. Curiosity killed the cat.Take the advise and save yourself a lot of "fun"
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I "tried" coke and after playing around with what I considered a casual use I became addicted to it. Cocaine is not worth playing around with, good stuff or not. Before I knew it I was wanting more and more. Because I am an addict, I get addicted to anything - anything!!!! STOP NOW WHILE YOU ARE AHEAD - I agree with avisg. After awhile of playing around with coke I ended up selling my soul to the devil, so to speak. I sold my car, pushed up my credit card debt and eventually ended up in treatment over it. After 20 years or more of not using I still get upset when someone close to me mentions cocaine around me. It will steal your life. Trust me. Take care, listen to the advise and keep posting. We are here for you ~ El
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stay clear from coke!!!  it will make you do things you never thought possible (bad stuff, not good....embarassing, disgusting, soul damaging)  i used when i was a lot younger and i still can't let go of some of the stuff i did while on coke.
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coke is a bad drug very dangers  and ver costly..ive done alot of drugs in my days and coke was the hardest one to sleep from..had to use  atavains to induce sleep..why dont you just stay away from that stuff..its not like a pill you know what ur getting then..with coke or crack you dont know what ur getting....take the advice and get sober the best way to not use...god bless you my friend...james
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I hope you have gotten your answers from the above posters.  You dont want to enter the depths of he!!......best of luck to you       sara
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pretty ironic that you tried to get high and got nothing out of it at all, kinda comical if you think about it. it's probably a sign from God saying He's never going to allow your drugs to get you high....lol..........no seriously i think it means you should just stay away from it, sort of a blessing in disguise!!  FOR SURE STAY AWAY FROM COKE, ANY FORM OF IT, IT'S EVIL AND WILL BANKRUT YOU FAST. well best of luck to ya, christina
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I hope you'll take the above advice and STOP while you are ahead.Chances are the coke was stomped on which means you really have no idea what you were putting up your nose.It's a dangerous drug and it will grab hold of you before you know it.I've know many people in the circle I used to be in that lost just about everything they have because of this drug.You don't want to be one of them....All the best...Kim
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Thank you all very much for the advice and warnings, sincerely. I have no intention of letting this get out of control, nor do I delude myself into thinking that I do have control over the effects of drugs on my body. Like I said, It was the first time I've touched the drug, and I only wondered what might make my reaction any different to someone else's experience. Again, I thank you for your warnings, but I have no intention of continuing use of cocaine. :]
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thats something ive wondered about with other drugs...how on earth do you know what you may actually be ingesting??? it could be powdered sugar, baking soda, poison-anything!! at least with pills you can ID them by the # imprint LOL. Seriously, I would be horrified to try something that could have anything mixed in it !!
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Wow, I just read what everyone wrote and they're right. Coke is evil. Even though I have been mainly an opiate addict I have done coke to. I'm glad you got ripped off. You just have no idea how bad coke can be. You would sell your soul to the devil himself when you run out and your "geeking" for more. I hate coke. I can go on and on at how bad coke is.
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consider yourself very VERY lucky...stay away from it please...maria
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I just happened on to this site.  Ironic.  I found an old sweetheart- never even smoked a cigarette until I was 37 and he got me hooked on crack.  I have a good job and squeaky image.  I let it and him take me on a ride for almost 2yrs and noone knew!  He had me spending my paycheck and the child support I got from him to take care of our son.  I went cold turkey 2yrs ago and never turned back.  He brought me down to his level because I thought I loved him and I literally had to hate him as much as the drug before he took me down w/ him.  I am now a successful and happy in individual.  I thank God that I had the bravery to do it for my family.  ( I never stole from anyone or did anything crazy but he was totallyout of control).
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I just wanted to say congrats on getting off this drug. It completely changes a person and a monster to beat. I am happy your now successful and happy again. Stick around, it`s always great to hear the success stories.
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here's a poem i found online about cocaine... i think it speaks the truth and that nobody should be ******* around with cocaine:

My name is Cocaine - call me Coke for short.
I entered this country without a passport.
Ever since then I've made lots of scum rich.
Some have been murdered and found in a ditch.
I'm more valued than diamonds, more treasured than gold.
Use me just once and you too will be sold.
I'll make a schoolboy forget his books.
I'll make a beauty queen forget her looks.
I'll take renowned speaker and make a bore.
I'll take a mother and make her a *****.
I'll make a schoolteacher forget how to teach.
I'll make a preacher not want to preach.
I'll take all your rent money and you'll get evicted.
I'll murder your babies or they'll be born addicted.
I'll make you rob and steal and kill.
When you're under my power you have no will.
Remember my friend my name is " Big C ".
If you try me just one time you may never be free.
I've destroyed actors, politicians and many a hero.
I've decreased bank accounts from millions to zero.
I make shooting and stabbing a common affair.
Once I take charge you won't have a prayer.
Now that you know me what will you do ?
You'll have to decide, It's all up to you.
The day you agree to sit in my saddle.
The decision is one that no one can straddle.
Listen to me, and please listen well.
When you ride with cocaine you are headed for hell !!!
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