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cold chills and hot flashes

I am 22 days out and am still having these dang things, and at night noticing a bit of restlessness unless I take Benadryl or a muscle relaxer :(( how long can these last? And if they do last a long time is it on a daily basis? I am constantly bundled up would be nice to not have to do that every day, at night I am having issues of being to hot or tooo cold. Just anoyed with how long this dang process last. I am so ready to be done!!!
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Thank you all so much. All these symptoms are reminding of why I dont want to go back on, if I would have known that it was going to take this long to recover I would have never took them on a regular basis. I never had an issue with pills before, I have had 10 surgeries and never snorted them or took them longer than 4 Weeks. The snorting is what got me sucked in :( well I am pretty busy now with classes and home life so that is nice, its just down time that kicks my bootie.
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I just got over the chills and sweats...i am at day 74, they were minimal and sporadic but they really bugged me. That was one of the wd symptoms that I hated the most. Just give it time and you will feel much better. I know everyone says that but it's the truth. Withdrawal symptoms will come and go for a while but the further you get from day 1 the less severe they are... Hang in there.....
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I got these a lot especially during the first 30 days it was really bad.  After 60-90 it got noticeably better.  I hate to say this but I still get it once and a while ... I'm at 115 days.  I used to get restlessness a lot too, at night as well.  Both things really bothered me and made me anxious which of course made it worse.  But it's all but gone now ... so you can look forward to it going away soon!
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congrats on your decision to get your life back!
it's different for everyone, but for me the sweat thing took a bit. Well the hot and cold thing got really better after a month, and I mean a full month, then after 3 months it was gone. The hands and feet sweating lasted the longest, but it was easier thant he whoel body sweats and cold flashes for sure.
Keep pusing forward, keep tellling yourself you can do it.
soon it will be all over and you will be so happy you took this step. It's been about 6 months for me and I am living life again, you will too.

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just have to treat the symptoms.  I bet in another week or so it will get better.  If not, you might check with your doctor about blood pressure, etc.  Not to throw ice on it, but there is a lot of "stuff" going around.  It seems like everyone in my neck of the woods is sick.  I am thinking of wrapping myself in saran wrap until it is over.
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