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cold turkey

I am on 24 hrs of cold turkey i haven't had bad pain i have had mild is that good or is it going to bang me in a couple of hours??? i've used 14 perocet 10mg since monday but been addict to lortabs since 2004 every day 10-14 a day till april of2007 than 4-7 went cold turkey for72 hrs the 1st jan 2008 than gave in now back what is the next hours to hold i have valiumn 10mg when do i need to use that and what else will help and when to use please help i have lost everything cause of me no one else i am also packing to now  not fun what is the worst day and what day do you say ok i done this far not to bad???
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First of all, Great Job! Look in my journals for Thomas recipe. Heed any warnings, but see if it will help you get through this. Everybody is different as to what day(s) are bad. Don't work yourself up over it. Usually by day 4 or 5 things get better. It takes a mind set that you are going to do this no matter what. Otherwise it is too easy to cave in when cravings hit or pain increases. Because they do increase before they get better. Your body will play 'tricks' on you to make you cave in! Don't! Stay in for the long haul.
You Really Can Do This!
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You have a lot of courage. I am so glad you are taking these important steps. I think days 3-5 generally are often the worst. I am day 4 today,better than yesterday. However with your mixture and from what I understood from your post,you been short term this time. If so than it should not be as bad and the Valiums will help,so long as it is short term. Good luck and keep posting.
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