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crack and lungs

How severely can using crack daily about (5-1 g's a day) for three years affect my  lungs?
I have had a cold now for a year in half as well as i been coughing up black phleam for
a year and half  exc...
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Smoking crack can cause swelling and bleeding in the lungs. It can lead to lung disease such as emphysema and even complete lung failure. The scary thing is crack damages the brain and nervous system even worse. I am a cocaine addict, although I only smoked crack once i was around many that did. After a couple years of them smoking they have aged 15 years, look like hell and life is unmanagable.

I doubt you have a cold for a year and a half, it's probably damage from crack. One of my old friends that smoked has extreme breathing difficulties, on a puffer, her mind is shot now and wakes up in a lot of pain from years of smoking. I suggest you find a way to quit this drug and you WILL need help, crack is a monster to kick. Don't wait till your body shuts down and your carried away in a body bag. Do you want to quit?
Just look at what's left in the pipe after a half gram. The same carbon resin is going into the lungs

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alot of that coughing comes from the butane, the coating on whatever you used for screens plus whatever nasty cut was put in the stuff. after i stopped smoking it, i eventually finished coughing hopefully all that stuff out. my voice got back or closer to normal. crack is the quickest way down and i'm not sure if it has a bottom for alot of people. please keep posting.   sway
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you have an infection on top of the addiction, please goto the doctor or er and have a chest xray, and ask for a zpack
and please try na, look at some of the people you are using with that are older than you, do you want their life? do you find them in good health? think girlfriend!!!! the time to change is now.....do it or die
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Some friends of mine used a ballon to exhale into and then rebreathe the smoke. The day following the use the ballon was as stiff as plexiglass. How strong do you think your lungs are?
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Oh my god, I just read that post about the balloon, and honestly I feel like barfing. That is so freakin scary to think THAT is what could be happening to your lungs. :(
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That is really scary to me what you posted... you smoked that much crack daily for 3 years?  I hope you come clean... you're slowly dieing very young, and in your picture you look very pretty, although you need to eat more... you're not getting very good nourishment.

The black phlegm you cough up is clotted blood in your lungs, as well as burned lung tissue... Yes I think the crack you have been smoking burned some lung tissue.  Then the tissue doesn't expand as it should... loses elasticity and volume.  Eventually breaking the tissue.  The infection you have is also damaging your lungs even more.

If you smoke that much crack and have no intentions of stopping, you should cool the smoke through cold water with a bong.  

It must be hard for you now though... you've smoked it for so long it's just become a part of your life... You can still change your life!  If you don't you might become a living walking dead person...I hope you change.
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I smoked crack everyday for a year, almost $800$1000 a day habit.  It's been over two years now since my last hit.  About a year ago I started coughing up black phlegm, it's dark,not brown or red but black in clear phlegm.  I can feel it comes deep from in my lungs, I had a chest X-ray and it showed some inflammation in one area but no growth.  I realize that smoking all that for so long could have gotten a shitload of that gross resin in my kings but I figured by now it would have cleaned most of that out , I mean how long could this go on fore, forever?  I had it looked at one lab here and they said it wasn't organic which I guess means not bacterial, I would not be shocked if it is crack resin but just wondering how long that goes on for and what I can do if anything to clean it out faster and heal my lungs as much as possible.  
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