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cymbalta and nerve pain

ok...when you read this try not to laugh toooo hard...remember i am so uneducated regarding pain pills and back pain (except my own).

the other day i got davis' prescription refilled on his cymbalta (antidepressant).   ya know how we just throw those inserts away...the ones telling all about the drug and the side effects?  for some reason...guess i was bored...i opened it up and started reading.

what i saw was kind of surprising and made me think of you gals and guys.  it said that it was being used to treat nerve pain also.  have any of you ever heard of that?  i know alot of you have back problems caused from nerve damage so i just thought that you might want to check into it.

ok now...if you check into it and it says something like "bad nerves" or "nervousness" or something simple like that...don't laugh...hehe.   i know what i read...lol.   maybe i should have goggled it myself so that i could have saved myself from the embarrassment of looking stupid...again :)

happy father's day,
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My reason for being on pain meds is my foot. Had surgery which resulted in my foot being worse due to nerve damage. The dr. touched some nerve, and supposedly they shut down when touched. I was told the feeling would come back but could take up to 18 mos. Wasn't told this before the surgery. Anyway, it never did come back, and now my foot is cold all of the time. Made the pain worse than before the surgery.

Anyway, my pc tried cymbalta once because of the nerve issue. Didn't help, but he said some w/diabetes had gotten some relief from it also.

So, you are correct!

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sorry it didn't work for you.

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Hey! Good Am!  I think Tink is on Cymbalta. I tried to get on the Cymbalta but it is not considered a fomulary drug with my Health Ins.  and is VERY expensive!  I was told that there are pain relief properities in Cymbalta so you are right on the  money!  I'm really pissed that I can't try it but you know how the Ins Industry is. Practicing medicine w/o a license!!!!! Very frustrating!

Have a good day Kim!
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Hi Lizzie - I was on Cymbalta for a couple of months.  My pain mgmt dr. put me on it.  The first month, I thought - ok, I'm not sure I feel anything but i'll keep goin' (he gave it to me for the nerve pain) but then after a month and a half or so, I started getting all the negative side effects it listed.

One I couldn't even describe in words until I went online and a bunch of people were discussing it.  They all called it "brain zaps."  You'll know it it happens to you...

I tossed them after that happend a couple times...

That said, every med works different on everyone, so give it a shot and just be aware (and well read) on the side effects.  I don't know how long this drug has been in use.. (but again, some people have said some good stuff about it.)

good luck
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I was given this Fri for nerve damage pain, in an attempt to replace the oxycodone and noritrytaline (didn't work...gained 7 lb). No effects yet from Cymbalta after 2 days - pos or neg - a little nauseaus and dizzy but that could also be my efforts to taper the oxy.  I also read the insert and did research on the net and have heard horror stories, so am cautious.  I've reached my major medical status wit insurance and pay out of pocket, then get reimbursed .. was stupified when I had to pay $215 for the Cymbalta. If it's not on BCBS list I may cry....esp if it works.
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