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Has anyone had bad effects from taking cymalta.
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yes.  it made me feel weird.. i couldn't put one of the side effects into words because it was so strange... i went searching around the internet, and one person described it as "brain zaps." and that is exactly what i felt... i hated it.

i know it works for some, just not me...
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my son  just so happens to be here right now.  he has been on cymbalta for two years now...after trying prozac and effexor.  he has alot of anxiety also and it seems to work the best for him.  i asked him about the side effects...and he said he had none...no brain zaps either.

guess everyone is different on how things affect them.  the prozac and effexor both made him more depressed.
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i am on cymbalta...no side effects until my doctor upped my dose, but just extreme tiredness, so i lowered my dose back to 60 mgs....usually the brain zaps are when you suddenly stop taking it, any antidepressant can cause this when abruptly stopped....but everyone is different.
are you experiencing any side effects from it now?
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Thanks for letting me know . I had some serious side effects , suicidal thoughts stuff like that . I stopped taking without consulting my dr. and ended up in worse shape than when I started . I am lots better now as far as that medicine goes. Thanks again .
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I am on Cymbalta.  It's hard to tell if it's doing any good or not.  I can't tell when I'm addicted to vics.  Until I beat that addiction I will never know.  I experienced brain zaps when  I stopped taking Effexor.  What a wierd feeling.  Something you just can't explain unless you experience them.  They are an awful feeling.
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My boss was switched to this  from one she was taking before. She told me that she felt like her skin was crawling and it done absolutely nothing for the anxiety. I hate to be on my soap box again, but I think these drugs need to be tested for a long time before being marketed! Stick with one of the old ones. Kills your sex drive, but depression does as well!
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YES!  I had terrible problems with Cymbalta.  I was on it last year and had facial numbness, drooping, tremors, and a ton of other symptoms.  By the time my husband realized what was going on with it, I was almost dead.  I stayed in the hospital for a while and then was home and unable to function for quite a while afterward.  Be VERY wary of this medicine.  I still have memory loss and other effects from it.  Please be careful with this medication.
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I have facial numbness and other side effects .I have been off for 7mths . I wasn't sure what was the cause of this because of other meds . I stopped all of them and started having seziure. I am on depakote and so far so good seziure free but still have some things happening that I can't explain. How long has it been for you and has these effects lessened any.
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Also common are; sweats, memory loss, lack of sex drive.
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why wasn't I aware of any of this before I started taking it.
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We learn by our mistakes.(not reading) There is always a brochure that comes with your RX. It is so long, most don't read it. Never get off of them c/t either. Best to taper off.
I never got any pamphlet. Most people don't. In fact, my doctor specifically reassured me that very few people with my kind of depression have side effects. I am now concerned that my brain fog and memory loss are permanent. This medication STOPS your brain from making new connections- something I wish I'd known before I started
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I wonder if these effects will ever go away. Anyone had any luck with that?
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