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day 10

Woke up alittle better but last night my legs were killing me I took my potassium and all but hey I have to keep going I have a grand daughter and a new grand baby one the way that's what I keep thinking
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Yes maam my son is 22 and would not change a thing they are a big support to me at this time my Dr told me I needed to go back on them damn pills again I told him no he was not happy but its my choice I made him write me ibprofen 800 he told me I was making a big mistake I told him I will deal with the pain my way
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wow, you are a very young grandmother :) .. i suffered also with RLS.. and found that cold helped me... an ice gel they sell for heavy legs did wonders or even an ice pack... other people find that the opposite helped them, an electrical blanket... tonic water is good too because of the quinine it has on it...
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