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day 12!

Still going strong!  Last night I slept ten hours!   What a difference sleep makes!
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Congrats on 12 days and thg sleep!!  I remember the first time i slept, i felt like a million dollars and the fog lifted!  Enjoy the day~
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Lesah! Good to hear from you!!! Congrats!
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Good for you Lesah!  Now it's time to get some aftercare going....and you're gonna just keep getting better and better~
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Hi lisah good to see you great to see you clean   now is the time to put some after care in place for me N/A works  it will chage the addictive brain over time the meetings are only a hour this will be the single this you can do to help your recovery the only way to do this wrong is trying to do it alone keep posting for support google N/A meetings in your area......................Gnarly...................................
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Congratulations on 12 days Lesah : )
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Congrats on 12 days!!!
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sleep..what a relief!  I relish my drug free nights now.  Real sleep for real reasons.  Congrats!
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I was just going through to see if you posted and how you were doing. :)
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