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day 2

So day 2 of nothing.... No sub for 2 weeks and 2 days free of pain med after surgery.... Kinda proud of my self but kknow all to well that 2 days is nothing.... The sleeping sux but if I get 3 hours I am happy... The couch is my new best friend.... Kinda wishing I didn't cut the cable down to basic cable but what ya gonna dooo...
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2 days is SOMETHING!!!!!!    That's a great start to end this addiction.  Enjoy, your tv, take hot baths, try  natural remedies for sleeping aid, and most importantly stay STRONG!!  Best of luck to you
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Congrats on 2 days!!  That IS something to be proud of.  Keep it going~~~sara
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Ohhh creepy skin feeling how I hate you! Wish I could take a bath but unfortunatley stiches won't allow!!!! Ugh
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We have all been there .With 2 days .All I have now is today. Good luck
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Today will be day 3. Although I ddont wanna be awake seems sleep is nil! But not feeling as bad as I thought I would be. Funny when u think going on sub is getting clean. Wish I did a lil more research on it but it did save my life. Just kinda feel like I traded one for another I  guess!
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Ahhhhhh gonna get outta of the house!!!! Going to get a book and watch the super bowl!! Kinda mad the jets aren't in it but ... Any who.... Yay day 3 is "ok"! Not great cramping like a month fo but I can dooooo thisssss!
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