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day 3 w/out norcos. feel pretty decent.

I took a quarter of a suboxone last night which let me sleep all night. feeling good today so far. Might even take my kids for a bike ride. God is good.
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SO glad to hear you are feeling better! We made it to day 3!!!!!  We are on our way my brother!   I woke up with a blinding toothache. I have had a broken tooth for a while but since I was taking so many drugs, it never hurt, but wow is it hurting now. I have a dentist appt. this afternoon and for the first time in years I'm not trying to figure out how I can score drugs from the dentist. I am actually looking forward to telling him that I wont be needing narcotic pain meds, just ibuprofen!!!
  Hang in there Abomb....we are doing it. Enjoy your day with your kids!!
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excellent to the both of you!  Isn't it wonderful when you wake up and not immediately think of how you need to get drugs to make the day?  I really enjoy that!  I hope you have fun with your kids Abomb and Rebecca-ugh i know toothaches are horrible, get ya some ibuprofen!!  that will help alot,  Im so proud of yall!!!  Have a wonderful day-
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This is most freeing feeling that I've felt in years! To be able to wake up and make plans with the family without thinking about what time I'm going to get high. I hope this feeling lasts. I haven't even had a beer yet. Becky, we are both on our way to a new way of living.
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I have had a tooth abscess twice..same problem each time and have only used ibuprofen for pain relief and it works as well as any opiate.Just take prilosec to help the stomach and don't go over 2400mg/24 hrs.
I mean to go to the dentist but each time after 3 or 4 days the abscess breaks and everything gets better.
I know I have to go sometime.
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