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day 4 and just getting hte runs

so im on day 4 and im jsut getting the runs.  is that common?  im feeling a bit better today too except this ****
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what are you coming off and how much?  Sweet on the four days that more them half the battle.
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It's more than common.  
Get some imodium and drink lots of water.
Try to eat well.
If you haven't already, start thinking about aftercare.
You don't want to be doing this again . . .
But you will if you don't find a recovery program that works for you.

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I'm at five days today and just got the runs also  Imodium takes care of it, and the body aches are minimal today.  Feel a bit sluggish, but over all much better.
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Hey.  My name is Kristina, and this is actually my first response to a question.  Here it goes...I originally joined this site because I am undergoing Pegasys treatment on Nov 23 (originally Dec 1st, but have decided to bump it up).  I have been addicted to heroin since I was 14, on and off.  On my 18th bday, I went to rehab.  I went to 28 rehabs and institutions till I was 20 years old.  Nobody could handle me, so I kept getting kicked out of every place I went to.  I didn't get kicked out because I used, I got kicked out because they said I was unmanageable and violent.  I guess they were right, because I really didnt want to get clean for me, I wanted to get clean for my mother and brothers.  One day I got so fed up of these rehab people kicking me out (because I thought they didnt't care about me, they just wanted to get rid of me.  I was foolish) that I went to a shelter.  The shelter I went to was set up by Mother Theresa herself.  Really, Mother Theresa. Crazy right??  Anyways, it was there that I tried to take my life.  When I woke up at university of Penn, my first question was "Did I do it right?  Is this Hell?"  The nurse replied with "Actually, you are already making your life a living hell, so what do you think?"   So i stayed clean from heroin for a few years, but did every other drug under the sun you could possibly think of.  I thought if I wasnt doing Heroin, I was fine. (dumb as ****, I know that now)  I started Heroin back up about a year and half ago.  It got so bad, that I had to shoot 7 bags at once just to get hi.  When everyone asked me why I was doing the heroin and drugs, my only response was this: I liked the feeling of being high.  I wasnt neglected, I wasnt abused, I wasnt trying to hide any feelings, and so on and so forth...I just like the feeling.  But it got old.  I am 25 years old, and a ******* waitress.  I am intelligent and got straight A's always, even when I was hooked on dope.  I'm gorgeous and have talent beyond belief.  But here I am spending 200 dollars of my hard earned money on dope just to feel good.  But really, I only felt physically good.  Inside, I was dying.  I hated myself for wasting my talent on a f*cking needle.  I didn't deserve it anymore.  So, I got clean.  This time I didn't go to any rehabs or institutions.  Instead, my mother took me into her home(at the time I had my own appartment) and locked me in a room(under my wishes) to detox cold turkey.  I was sick as hell for weeks, not days, weeks.  At any point in time I knew I could leave and get hi so I wasn't sick.  But I wanted a better life for myself, for my family.  With God and my family, I got through it.  I had the runs just like you.  And trust me honey, if the runs is your worst problem...you are blessed.  Be thankful that that is all you have to worry about right now.  The body aches will go away with time.  It can take your body up to 2 years for your 'feel good' chemicals (endorphines) to get right.  But your body won't hurt for this long, I'm just telling you the facts.  You are doing awesome.  To other people that don't know what we went through, four days might be a joke to them.  But you are doing awesome.  4 days ago, you could of been dead.  Look at it this way:  You  might feel like **** now, but if you continued to do the oxy's, you would feel like **** the rest of your using time.  You are saving yourself from living in hell.  That nurse was right, drugs are a living hell.  Now that I am five months clean, just doing the everyday 'normal' and productive things make me feel wonderful.  It makes me feel better than any oxy, or any shot.  Now that I am taking care of my body, I have found numerous health problems.  I have a siezure disorder, I have surgery on tuesday on my breasts cause of fibroabdemona lumps, I have extreme anxiety, and Hep C.  If I continued to use drugs, I would of never resolved these health issues.  I am so happy that I am clean and able to take care of my body.  Have  you had any routine check-ups to check your health?  That is the next step to staying clean.  Congrats on your clean time, keep it up.  If you have any questions or concerns or just need someone to talk to, I am here, online, for you.  
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how are you feeling today???
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im feeling a lot better today.  i can actually lay on my couch for a bit with out needing to get up and walk around.  i just really notice the less anxiety and that creepy crawly feeling.  thanks for asking
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i remember those days when I didnt get "the trots" at ALL from WD...then further into my addiction, it would show up around day 7,  then day 5...then day 2 and pretty soon i was getting it IN BETWEEN DOSES while still using even! The progression of addiction is insane. (btw in case you didnt realize it, I was a frequent relapser and went through WD dozens of times)
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wishing you a good day.   I'm off to work, but feel tender to touch all over my body?
a bit achey and anxious,  (better then last week i guess)  have a great day.
terrible night sweats, but perhaps it is the toxins leaving (or menopause)

You can do this.  We can do this!!
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thanks im on day 6 today now.  im going to work today too.  i feel better i am definetly seeing that light at the end.  i just have trouble sleeping.  i dont have taht crawley feeling or anything in the day but at night i just cant lay there.  its gay.
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