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day 4 no vics

I think i did it! I am on day four and feel ok if it werent for the nerves and the shakes. What can help the nervous jumpy feeling? I am having a hard time even typing.lol
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Hello. The jangly nerves are standard for opiate detox. Drink plenty of water, and look into the amino acid protocol (link at bottom of page) for things to help.   B-complex vitamins, calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement, plenty of protein. Get some mild exercise and a hot soak with epsom or a hot shower will relieve most of the misery for a bit. Take care and keep posting! You're through the worst of it so you will start to see that light very soon! hang in there.
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It has been my experience that the jittery feeling usually goes away somewhere around days 5-6...of course everyone is a little different. Also for me physical activity. I have kidney stone issues so I usually take vics or norco for a month or so then I'm off em for a couple months until the stones come back...but almost every time I take em I get some withdrawl for about a week. I have come to realize for me the more I am physical the less they bother me but sleepless nights still occur a lot. For me the worst part is the flu like symtoms. Runny nose and all that. Once that part is over I know the end is near. Keep at it your almost there..
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Hi there and welcome. Congratulations! You are definitely out of the woods for the most part. The jitters will eventually go away in a few more days. Don't be too confident because that's when these things sneak up on you. It is excellent that you are happy and that you have 4 days clean. It's a big accomplishment. I had a hard time doing one day. It was so awful. I have 17 days now and I am starting to think I have this beat. But I learned about this disease/addiction so well. I learned that your mind will start playing with you, which is what it's doing to me. Never cave in! Be vigilant!
Good luch with your sobriety.
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Hang in there, make sure you are eating as well as you can and try to exercise!  Keep clicking off those clean days, you can do it!

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Congrats on Day 4.  It's a big one.  Hopefully you feel better every hour that passes now.  
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Yes, the jittery is usual and not permanent.  Keep strong and be sure to eat.  It will help.  Your body is struggling to reset itself and your brain needs food to help it!  Eat protein if you can!!!  
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Thank u all! well it is now day 11 and it has been rough but i can do this! i dont know why but i knew that if i came on here to find support it would help and i really think it may have been the one thing that made a huge difference. just that one ?. i have never gone this far before, never more than a day or 2. its been 11!  it has been the hardest thing i have ever done and i have been thru some pretty hard stuff before. i never wanna do this again! thank u all so much, u might not realize it but just being there for each other here is saving lives. for real, SAVING LiVES!
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