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day 4 oxycodone withdrawal and i need help

well where do i begin? like many of you, i started out on percocet 5mgs for pain and gradually went uo from there, at the end i was taking around 45mgs a day for a few months. i have been on this website just reading since day 1 and you guys have all got me through. i have had plenty of chances to get more, but i have remained strong because i truly want my life back, i want my real smile back, i want the old me back. i have been working day 1, 2, and 3...and soon i will have to go to work on day 4. i have been eating what i can, but it hasnt been much, but ive been pounding through gatorade and water. my stomach is all messed up. when will i feel better??? please someone help me :(
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I believe day 5/6 is when you should start taking a turn upwards.  Drinking the gatorade and water is good, but also, I'm sure your not hungry, but try those protein shakes, or like a hulk shake from Smoothie King....something that is high in vitamins and amino acids.  Try to get something like that down your throat as well.  I totally didn't want to eat (my husband force fed me) but after I would get some food down, I did feel a bit better.  I also ate those protein replacement meal bars, things like that.  Also, a good multivitamin, high in potassium, magnesium and zinc.  Immodium for the stomach (though I didn't want mine to stop b/c I figured that was the dope coming out of my system) but you don't want to dehydrate.  I took Motrin for the legs, and lots of HOT epsom salt baths.....like 3/4 a day....just long soaks with my ear buds in.  
Let us know how your doing....
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thank you for the advice, like so much! sorry, in just getting home from my 9 hour shift at work. i have to say, i feel SOOOO much better than i did earlier. some parts throughout the night were a little tough, but i got so many surges of energy too. i also havent laughed as hard as i did tonight in such a long time. i took immodium earlier and man did it help :) i actually ate a little bit too! hopefully tomorrow (day 5) will be even better! i cannot tell you how great i feel inside knowing that ive made it 4 days and when i wake up, it will be day 5!!!!! i really did it!!!! when did the stomach issues stop for you?? again thank you so much, this site has been amazing and reading eveeyones advice and stories has been what has gotten me through :)
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I detoxed off of a different drug so my w/d symptoms lasted a bit longer....i was crapping tapioca for 6 months.... (sorry so gross but it is what it is)....
Kudos to you for working during this....quite impressive b/c i couldnt do it! Just keep adding up those "one days" and pretty soon you'll have a week, month, year! Just keep it in your mind that this will pass, you wont stay like this.....in the beginning of my w/d i actually was afraid i caused myself brain damage....i told my husband, omg, i cant stay like this....but eventually i starts to subside. But i had been high for so long i really forgot what normal felt like?
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hahaha tapioca? ugh thats such a good description! i hope it goes away soon, everytime i eat it goes right through lol so gross but so true! i got some bad news this morning, and usually id cope with taking something to stop the pain, but im not!!!! its so hard, my emotions are all over the place, but today is day 5!!! ive got this! i have to work in a little bit so hopefully that takes my mind off of it some!!
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Sounds like you are doing really good especially if you are going to work.  Keeping yourself busy and active will help a thousand fold.  The basic science behind this process is getting your brain to start producing its own dopamine.  You have been inputting synthetic dopamine since you started taking pills so the withdrawal symptoms are just your brain receptors crying for dopamine.  When you go cold turkey, your brain is a lot like an old car motor that hasn't been started for years and is just now starting for the first time.  It will sputter and spit as it starts up but after a tune up, oil change, and some new fuel, it will start to run like a champ again.  The best way to detox is to take a lot of multivitamins (if you message me I can send you a list that I have put together) and get as much exercise as you can muster.  The more you put into your detox, the faster and better you will feel.  It sounds like even though you are suffering, I have seen a lot worse detox symptoms so this is your lucky day!  Keep going and just know that each minute you are sober is that much closer to feeling normal again!  Good luck and God bless!!!!
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I'm right there with you, today is 4 days since my last norco and 8 days since my last Oxy and feeling much better, just in a lot of pain in my back and legs and struggle with sleep, nausea, fatigue and emotions, sick especially in the mornings. Last few days I woke up sick at night, restless legs, went back to sleep, then woke puking pure Bile and felt much better. Hurts my back so bad to sneeze, cough or throw up.
I have taken a few muscle relaxers, a few Tylenol and a few valume which helped tremendously to get rest, along with handfuls of Dramamine original formula.
Got outside yesterday (day 3) for a small hike and it was awesome! Just couldn't sleep as it made me pretty sore all night. Last night was the first time in this whole ordeal that I wish I could take something for the pain.... I have no shortage of pills... but I didn't break. You need a reason to stop, for me, it's my family, my kids, my great job, and my health. I'm starting to get skin color back and my face is filling in. I look less dead! Lol
Background: I'm in my mid 30's and suffer from a lumbar injury/degenerative discs due to lots of extreme sports and a few accidents. I had my second back surgery three months ago, new bolts on board! The hospital put me in shock The first night, they refused to give me my normal dose so I had my wife sneak in the appropriate doses to stop me from excruciating pain. That's when I knew things were really bad, and so did my wife. I set a goal to stop taking if it was successful... it took 10 long weeks to feel results and started tapering immediately when the nerve pain was gone. You might feel sick during this process if tapered too quickly.
I have taken pain meds for several years slowly increasing till they did nothing to help. :( I was functioning fine with them, they allowed me to function in pain, work full time, but could feel how they slowly made me numb, to where I didn't want to do anything, go anywhere, and was afraid I would get a DUI even though I could drive great, better than most, so would go to work, come home and that was it for four years. I would miss a lot of work too and was on notice.
I started tapering the OxyContin first over two weeks, from a 120mg-160mg a day script till I stopped on Feb 1. At this point, the runny nose, pain and phlegm was the worst.
Then aggressively tapered in three days from 4-5 norco a day to none on Feb 5th. The norco alleviated the oxy withdrawl, so once I stopped the norco, the detox stepped up a notch and it sucked. Phlegm got worse, got a cough, sneezing, crying at stupid movies and songs, and horrible pain. The only thing I haven't got was the runs I read about, but well see what the next few days entail.
Still have far to go, but focusing one day at a time on a goal does wonders... for me, it's family. NA/AA is not for me, been there as a court ordered kid and hated it. The one day at a time thing holds true, and finding more than yourself to love and live for. How can you stop and focus on others instead of your next pill/fix? Today, it's my family and my health that drives me, but if you don't have anything, maybe a meeting is good for you... but be careful, my time at meetings back in the day just got me more connects so pick your friends carefully. So here's a solid forum post in hopes it helps others and gives you strength to go on with the journey to a better life.
It's a beautiful day, everything like colors and sounds seems amplified, birds chirping, colors, smells... a lot like acid if you know what that's like... and it's good
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knifeguy, thanks for the reply, how are you feeling??? are you still going strong?? i slipped, but im back! it hurts so bad to say that because by day 9 i was feeling so much better & now im back at day 1 :(
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day 9 is here finally! feeling much better except the energy part and achiness, my belly is still very sensitive too! going through a lot right now and i woukd always cope by numbing my emotions, not this time! i gotta keep going somehow, could use some good words :(
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Congrats on your 9 days!!  You probably feel like you are on "new ground" now since you made it 9 days before you caved last time.  Be VERY PROUD of yourself!!  Have you looked at what made it easy to cave before and what you can do differently this time so you don't?

You said in your original post that you have had plenty of chances to get more pills.  So first suggestion is to cut off those sources.  If your brain knows they are there and available, it will affect your ability to stay clean.
It's like having a "safety net" that you don't need if you are really wanting to STAY clean.
Do you have someone who is in recovery to talk to?  Someone who understands addiction?  That is REALLY important.  They can give you much needed support and also hold you accountable.  We used to refer to these things as the 3 "S's" in SUCCESS:  Sources, Secrets & Support.
They truly are critical in staying clean and learning to live a life where we don't return to a substance to mask the realities of this life.

Since your tummy is still sensitive, try drinking something with protein which helps to heal our brains.  My favorite is Carnation Instant Breakfast, Milk Chocolate...LOL  I think they call them "Breakfast Essentials" now.
Find some comfort foods....mine were chicken noodle soup and Stouffers Mac and Cheese.  They were easy and warmed my tummy. (Vanilla yogurt and peanut butter toast, too..lol)
Walking even if you don't feel like it can help to speed up the process a little.  And be sure you are staying hydrated.  A really good way to get much needed nutrients and electrolytes is to drink Emergen-C every day.  They come in all different flavors and because they are liquid, your body absorbs them more easily.
Hope those suggestions help.  You are doing GREAT!!  Keep on keepin' on girl....it will get better.  Energy is the last thing to return, but it will...promise!
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thanks for answering!!!! unfortunately, i dont have anyone to talk to, it has been one huge secret :( thats why im here, i need some sort of support system and i have been on here for weeks looking and everyone is awesome here!! so i made it, working towards day 10! i have been active and working every single day of this...9 hours or 10 on my feet...hard labor! but it has helped so much to be honest, i keep saying one hour at a time! i actually ate so much today and was a total pig lol. i do feel sooo much better today :)
oh yeah, sorry i just got home from work, i missed a couple questions...so before, i would just take them to numb my emotions...anytime i felt anxiety, i would take a pill BUT with that being said...on day 2 of this wd i got the horrific news that a very close family member died unexpectedly. i definitely thought about making the phone call, but i remained strong and stayed clean...THEN today,i got a phone call that another very close family member died and still i remained strong. i have to be honest, today, i didnt even think about a pill to make me feel better. i broke down, i cried, i kicked, i screamed, i let it all out....emotions that i am not used to because i was used to numbing myself and man oh man did it feel good to get it out.
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Hey, sorry for the delay, been very busy with work and home. Hope your still doing well. It gets better every day. Been almost seven weeks and feeling back to normal. Better than I've felt in 10 years. Took like a month to feel myself again after stopping opiates and caffeine. Been hard because my back is still healing from major surgery and going back to work full time made my muscles very sore, but plowed through it and optimistic it will get better. Hardest was last week when I got the flu and everything felt like withdrawal again :( forgot what it felt like to have a cough reflex, and it sucked. I feel like a different person, I never could have imagined how much better you can look and feel we stop poisoning ourselves.
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