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day 7 and loving it!!!!!!

day 7 down and feeling great.  
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Good, Good, GREAT!!

Always keep your Guard Up and wear that Armour at all times against this beast of addiction!

Congrats on 7days.
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Wow!!! Congrats on 7 days, sooooo frackin proud of ya! Keep it up!

Take care...
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not sure who said in early on in this process, but its never as bad as your mind makes you think it is.  so true. day 1-3 i thought i would never make it, but every day i would pull myself together and go to work and keep myself busy.  once i got home i would hit the bath for hours and just relax and think of all the bad I have done and promise GOD and myself that this would never happen again.  You guys wanna hear something crazy???  GOD works in crazy ways, but i just got a promotion at work :) :) :)
I cant believe this!!! No go back now :)
This is GOD work i just know it.  
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Hey dude congrats on 7 days....as far as the ''energy crash'' it is different for everybody  it comes back slowly  recovery is in baby steps  you werent on it that long so each week that passes you should notice improvements  the sleep thing is the same it returns gradually in your last post you asked if you could just get by with strong will....if that where the case we wouldent need this forum or the many avenues of aftercare.....your disease will tell you not to go...   it is in your driveway doing pushups waiting for a weak moment to strike out at you again...it is ok to be afraid to go most of us where  but once you get there you will be welcome with a hug and most feel right at home  just go and lissen after a few meetings you will feel more comfortable to speak  again take it in baby steps  as always keep posting for support.........Gnarly...........
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Well done oxypain101!!! I have to ask. Did you miss any days of work throughout the past week? That's so amazing! And congrats on your promotion!
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I did not miss any days :)  I only had Sunday off.  Its a great feeling when you accomplish something so important.  This is just the beginning.  More work need...unfortunately
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Wow. That's really something to be proud of!  Keep approaching your aftercare with that same strength and you will definitely succeed. If I recall correctly, you're probably getting close to your oxy refill date. Have you taken care of that yet? That's the biggest  step for chronic pain patients. :)
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Congrats on day 7!!!! :D
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Way to go! Keep it up!
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Yes I took care of the appmt.  Called early on in this process and told them the truth and asked to never write me a scrip.  That door is shut.  It's been not in my file.  That's for yur support.
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Go Oxy! Now we need to get you a new handle, like OxyFree maybe?

And, like good Sir Gnarly said, get yee to a meeting! The saying "we keep what we have by giving it away" is not just a cliche. It's the gods honest truth.

Have you found a meeting yet? I ask because this period, right now, with only days clean, is the most absolutely crucial time to get to a meeting. And another. Followed by one more. And the next day.

I've been coming around since 1986, and I can tell you unconditionally, meeting makers make it. Trust me: you do not want to relapse. You need active, daily, relapse prevention. Go to a meeting and ask for it by name!

Active, daily relapse prevention.

And as a benefit, you'll be given a life better than anything you ever dreamed possible. The only hitch is, you cannot do it alone.

i skip the meeting yesterday only because my Chicago Cubs were playing,  I am going tonight for sure and my wife is coming with me.  What will it be like??  ppl just get up and start talking about their addictions?  I am go but i am not too happy about it right now.  If my wife was not pushing me to go i would probably skip it and continue doing what i am doing.  I hope this makes a difference and not just be embarrassing.  Thanks Leap
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Trust me! It is 100 % worth it and, next to not using, the single most important thing you can do if you want to stay clean.

I can tell you what my first meeting was like. I was nervous as hell, still sick and shaking. I found a chair and sat down. There were two people up front, sitting at a table. The first person asked someone in the "audience" to read a passage from the text. Then another person read from the twelve steps and twelve traditions.

That took three minutes. I thought, swell! I'm gone!

Then, the chairperson introduced the speaker, who for the next twenty minutes absolutely blew my mind. He spoke only very briefly about his active days, and focused on what happened to bring him into recovery, and how he lives life now, clean and sober.

This was not what I thought it was going to be like at all. Once he was done, people I the room, one by one, put up their hands and were called on by the chairperson to share. They said all kinds of things, relating to what he said, describing similar challenges and solutions in their own lives.

And the damnedest thing happened. I totally have goose bumps right now remembering it. For the first time EVER I actually felt I belonged. I could not believe it. How on earth did these people know my innermost thoughts, doubts, insecurities, fear, pain...it totally blew me away.

At the end, they asked if anyone was new or coming back, and half of me said, "no way!" But the half of me in charge of the hands put one up. That was it. My life has never been the same, and I count that as the single luckiest day of my life.

Don't worry if it doesn't happen like that for you. If you don't feel a click with what you hear, try another meeting. Meetings are like people. They have different moods on different days.

I wish I could put into words how important it is that you go tonight. All I can do is tell you that the strong odds are with you if you go to meetings starting right now. They are against you if you don't..

Good luck and tell us how it goes!
WOW!  i got goosebumps reading you response.  That sounds awesome.  I am going tonight than dinner with the family.  i am feeling much better and I hope going to these meeting helps me understand why I even started abusing percocet.  Thanks Leap,  That was very helpful.
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So happy for you!! I had a difficult time finding a meeting where I felt comfortable. The first 3 a lot of people used offensive language. But I finally found a meeting at a church that has a twelve step book that incorporates God and spirituality. I LOVE it!! I understand the goosebumps! I got them too at that meeting. Someone always has something to say that helps me!! Keep fighting the good fight!! You're doing amazing!!
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Hey Dude congrats on day 8  your doing great.....I know your having a tuff time with the energy crash so I thought I would give you something that helped me.....get up to walmart and pick up a 2lb can of whey protein mix.....it is only 16 bucks for a 2 lb can  you just mix one scoop to a glass of milk...  the chocolate flavor is good  drink 2 a day  this has the raw protein for energy and a boat load of amino acids to help heal your brain...this is not a quick fix but rather the building blocks to help you heal faster....im happy to here your going to give N/A a try it is the single best thing you can do for your recovery....please let us all know how it goes for you  it will help the other newbees that are still on the fence about going ...as always keep posting for support..................Gnarly..........................
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