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day 9. jumped 8mg subs.

Hi I'm Nate 36yoa. When I was 22 I started my long battle with opiate abuse. It kept me from drinking and going to jail and allowed me to live the same type of lifestyle w/o the risk of hurting anyone. I found the cure for alcoholism. 5years later I was in the methadone clinic where I did 7 years of methadone and 2 yrs of subs. I jumped 8mg subs Feb 8th. I did it crazy like. Today is day 9 and no subs. No cravings. I'm so happy as hell because I'm gona finally change for my family. I have 3 daughters now ages 12, 9 & 7 and my wife of 14 yrs and all I wanna do is do rite By them and show them who I am for real. Regaurdless of how crazy jumping 8mg Is. It really wasn't that bad as of yet that is.. I am over the worse of w/d. my major issue is sleep. I feel if we can get some sleep we can turn the corner on this thing and start my new life. Here is my breakdown of sleep during wd.. Day1=4 hr.  Please make  timeline so u can build.my no.1 issue is horses. Am I ever gona fall asleep foreal? I'm using clonodine too but not working yet.
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My sleep pattern got took out. My sleep has gone like this...4 hours Day1. 2 hours day 2. 1 hour day 3. And no sleep at all in 4 days since Wed and none today.
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Hi Nate and Welcome to our Community.

We do have alot of ppl that came off the Subs, Methadone, Opiates and Booze. I had a short experience with the Subs, but over 12 yrs on the Methadone that was prescribed for pain. Before hand it was all of the other opiates, street drugs & booze.(dumb but I am a addict). Yes, I too did not drink when I started the Methadone because it would wreck my Methadone buzz. I ended up jumping off of 3 meds at once back in 2012.

Yes, your sleep will return, but it will take some time for the Brain Chemistry to adjust back after the removal of these stims.
The sleep and no/low motivation seems to be the last thing physically. The clonodine is a bp med and it should kick in and help at night. I finally took one at night after 22 days of no sleep. I could only take that med at night and I did get a few winks, but I only took that med for a very short time. NOW days I take my Magnesium and D3 for sleep and anxiousness if I have it.
Addiction is a progressive Brain disease or disorder. It does not go away when we give up these pills. Learning to Live Life without a substance takes Work and Support. How about hitting some of those meetings like AA/NA and Church..Any face to face outside Support will help. Learning all you can about Addiction in a more Scientific way, will help you to understand what happens in our brain. This is a serious disease with no cure, but it can be arrested at some point, and life can continue on without that instant gratification we got from the drugs or booze.
Stick around here for Support too. Others will stop in sooner or later. We all care and are here to help and give you some tips. I wish you the best!!
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