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decided to drop zoloft

Well if you've been reading my boring repetitive post you'll know I've been struggling with the flat feelings.

I've noticed around 8pm and after every night I would start to feel like my old self. Even when first getting up in the morning. I've been taking my Zoloft first thing in the morning. By an hour or two after taking it I would get anxious then followed by the weird flat feelings. This would generally not fade until about 8 at night. Then I would slowly feel myself again.

Maybe I'll go back on it but I feel like I need to stop and see if that's the root of my numbness. Hopefully at such a low dose, 25mg, I'll have zero wds or little. I gave it four weeks.
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slow and steady, wether you quit or continue,  Tell your Dr.  
Journal your weight, energy, diet, and sleep as well as relationship activities.  When i took ADs, i quit online gaming with my kids, gained weight, slept more.   If zoloft makes you lethargic/flat feeling, tell your Dr, There are dozens on the market, cymbata is known to also relieve pain, welbutrin is known to curb eating and smoking.  If you continue ADs, journal everything and communicate with someone who can visit your dr with you.
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Man...I could tell you a couple horror stories of the AD's I've been on..PAXIL is lethal!

Since I was 11....I started prozac. My psych I STILL Have since then...we have been through it all and I guess he basically changes me whenever something doesn't work...I hate his way..but i know I DO need something for the now bipolar I struggle with...so now I take lithium...sometimes success, often NO.

He told me "there's no cure" Do your best right?  AHH. This has been another battle for me...

I get your frustration.I've been on Zoloft...These things have to be different for everyone's chemistry. Hope you can find one that you can hang on to... :))))))
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I'm 41 days clean. I want to be clean if everything for a bit then decide to try an ad. Do you think I'll have withdrawal syndrome from four weeks at 25mg?
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ve been on most ADs and haven't touched one in 4 years.  My Dr. rapid switched me so i had a seizure on 5th day of zoloft.  I found some caused a flat feeling and one like wellbutrin caused excitedness.  thus had to fifure out if i took it shortly before bedtime like paxil and zoloft or in the morning like welbutrin.  I'd rather be myself and have up and down days than be "flat", that the exact word I used to describe them to my wife and Dr.  My kids and rest of family thought i did pretty good on wellbutrin, (we remodeled the house)  but i felt strange the whole and prefer the way i am now, somedays i get alot done, somedays i do nothing but hangout on mh listening to music.  I really think ADs should only be tempory for seasonal issues, otherwise look at how you can change your life to feel better about yourself.  Really should try to figure out ADs after a year off other drugs of anykind, even cigs or coffee can cause you to be down/crash at times.
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For me, zoloft gave me NO withdrawl....
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I'll see what happens. I figure if I start getting wds I'll take half my normal dose for a few days. Placebo or not I already feel better having missed my morning dose.

I'm with you. I'd rather experience ups and downs than the flat weird feelings.
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Yes! By all means keep taking half then...SO sorry to hear you have to struggle with this....damn. WE don't make depression :( <3
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Does your doctor know you are having issues with this?
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Sarah my doctor doesn't know yet. But I go in next week. I'm not now nor have I ever been suicidal or so depressed I couldn't move. I honestly started the AD because my wife gave me an ultimatum with my relapse. I told her I'd give it a try for atleast a month. I thought they were helping and maybe they did a little at first but lately just SO numb. I can't get excited about anything. That like I said seem to be the worst from 1 hour after taking till about 12 hours then I started feeling more like myself. More optimistic and such.

I'm not saying I won't end up on another one but for now I would like to feel again.
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Please discuss this with your doctor.  Doing things our way got us into trouble in the first place.  We want you to be safe.
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I know. I'm seeing her Monday to figure this out. Hopefully.

There is a distinct difference from this recovery to the last one I had. I can only assume it's because of the AD. It seems to have numbed me bad. I've just been a zombie the past month.
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Totally relate to what you are saying.  Two of my sisters and I were on zoloft for a few years.  We all became "flat" in some ways.  We also all 3 noticed a huge difference when we were switched from Name brand to generic.  This was wayyy b4 I started taking pain pills and got addicted to opiates.  We are all 3 off of it now....and we cry and laugh much easier.  

I wanted to heal and feel.....from ALL meds when I got clean....and I did a ton of research on long term effects of an AD.  I have been on 5 different AD's over the last 12 yrs.  All of them were either SSRI's or SNRI's.  I read a really good article by Dr. Ann Blake Tracy that said "When you "block" one part/feeling, you can't target just that one bad feeling.  You're blocking ALL of them."  That made sense to me....as I watch me and my sisters now, we all shed tears more easily and laugh more.  I'm glad you are so in touch with how you feel.   Imo, you may not feel poorly since you were only on a 25 mg dose for 4 weeks.  The zoloft literature says we should allow 4-6 weeks to feel it's total effects when going "on" the med.....so having said that, maybe the changes will be subtle for you coming off of it.  

We are all quite different as far as brain chemistry goes....and short term use of an AD helps some.....and others need it to feel balanced.  I'm glad you are listening to your gut and will talk to your dr. on Monday..... to be on an AD or not....that is the question for a lot of us.....and the answers are as varied as we are.  My personal goal was to allow my brain to heal in ALL those pathways.....and then make a decision.  

Let us know how it goes.....and congrats on being CLEAN~
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I did not want to say this on here but I will..I always did what Sarah said and was always trying to figure it out on my own.I have a very depressing issue going on with my Mom & I also fear the winters..I was doing really well for the first 6 months..Then I did go on a yo-yo. Now it is the Stress and Broken Heart issue..I had a very, very long talk with my Dr yesterday..he did not know some of my past either..Like the deaths and such..Anyway I told him that I know the Dr said it would take time for the Brain to heal and that I am usually a very Happy person..Well I did what he suggested  to do for right now and got the Citalopram (Celexa)..He said even if it is for awhile..He does not want me to go back to drugs or even to drinking..He did claim this will or might be the Key for me right now so I could push forward in my recovery..I have tried a few in the past for only a few days..I liked my Buzz from the drugs and did not want anything in its way. So I am going to give it a go..he said that even the happiest people can still have some depressing emotions tucked deep.
So maybe you need something or maybe not..Only you know & the Dr..If you do think so then try a few until one fits..I wish you the best and I will note you later on down the line and let you know how it is gong for me on this..I had to finally give in and not be stubborn!!! Oh I I almost have 9 months so the yo-yo went on for a while..Ekkkk I hated that.
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As always you all rock fir responding.

My main issue in life is anxiety. That would cause depression for me because of lack of self-esteem keeping me from doing my best at whatever!  
I know that I'm walking a tight line here so early in my recovery. I just don't feel like Zoloft will be for me. I'm not ruling out an ad if it's necessary. My wife feels like it will change my life. I have different view points on that.

I'm going to counseling again but with more of an open mind about it than ever. I really want to heal myself from the inside out.

The way the Zoloft has made me feel I don't think I could ever truly heal. I've beat this dead horse but NUMB is not what I want. That's what I was using.
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Hey ask the Dr about Buspar..It is a non-additive anxiety pill they give people coming off of drugs..My Dr thought highly of this one..He claimed that the anxiety comes from the brain so it helps in this area too!! I know I sure hope this one does not make me numb..But I had to break after 57 years so I will not go and use. No anxiety really just in a funk and no motivation..He claimed it will help get out of the funk and get my rear in gear instead of thinking of drugs to get me going..You know the Big bad Buzz to get it all done at once..You will be OK..Just stay clean from the Bad Drugs..ha!!!!
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PJ, I also suffer from pretty bad anxiety and occasional depression. I am doing it all natural. I think that counseling is an awesome idea. You can deal with issues and find new, healthy ways to cope with your anxiety and stress. For me, personally, ADs never worked. I might as well have been taking a sugar pill. Everyone's different, but I think seriously giving the counseling a try will be beneficial for you. Hang in there buddy!
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Sorry for all my previous typos.  Going through low times is normal, long lasting is not too healthy.  Take a trip, change jobs or locations if you need to, but meds will will not solve things, only numb them.  I've been threatening to start a thread for a week, about the underlying cause.  We medicate how we feel, and talk about their effects but don't address the original faults. There are a few on here with lots of clean time, they don't talk about the daily suffering of WDs, they talk about life choices that effect our emotions.  

This topic is worthy of its own title.  Cause our spouse cheated, kids left, career changed, parents devoriced, etc.  Hopes and expectations don't work out, we wind up on booze or knockin on Dr's door. We need to learn how to face and accept disappointment in a different way, than turning to ADs.
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Always do these things with your doctor.  Like sarah said, doing it yourself can end up making things worse.  I forget, how long have you been on the Zoloft?, because what you describe IS very typical of start-up side effects, especially the increased anxiety.

You will hear all kinds of stories about different experiences with ADs...horror stories, and stories where the meds gave people their lives back.  Personally, for ME, Zoloft was a miracle (along with therapy) for my panic disorder.  It allowed me to not be housebound anymore with debilitating panic.  It took a while to adjust, and I definitely felt a little worse before I felt better.  If you have not been on it at least about 6 weeks, it's hard to say if it would help you or not...and the initial side effects will start to improve around week two.  BTW, Zoloft is THE most commonly Rx'ed AD for anxiety disorders, because it does have a pretty high success rate, and is easier to tolerate than some of the other ADs.

Don't make any rash decisions without talking to your doctor.  If you've suffered from anxiety for a while, this may be a wise choice for you, as the anxiety needs addressed.  The meds themselves aren't the answer...but the meds can help control the symptoms long enough to where you can make some progress in therapy, and learn how to cope with the anxiety.

If your anxiety is left unchecked, that will greatly increase your vulnerability when it comes to relapse.
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I see you gave it four weeks.  It could be that you needed a higher dose, or needed to give it more time.  4 weeks in the world of ADs isn't that long, especially because you're newly clean, therefore it may take longer for you to adjust.

Do NOT stop taking the Zoloft without talking to your doc...and you will need a taper if you decide to come off for sure...that's the most logical course of action.  I wouldn't advise just stopping.
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J, Just want you to know, whatever course of action you decide upon, I'm here for you, bro. We're here! Please, let us know how it's going..I'd worry about you otherwise!
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So here's an update if you want to know.
Skipped my morning dose yesterday morning. Felt great all day until about 7pm. Started feeling weird. A little anxious. Woke up feeling ok at first then within an hour was having bad anxiety and sadness similar to my first few weeks coming off kratom. Freaked out a little so tookhalf my dose. Within two hours felt normal. Going to try taking it at night now. Hopefully this will let me avoid the flat feelings and benefit the good.

This experiment leads me to believe the Zoloft is working. So for now I'll stick it out.
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Good troubleshooting!  You reminded me that when my two sisters and I were taking zoloft.....two of us took ours in the morning and the other sister found that she had to take it at night.  So for sure....your body chemistry may do a lot better by switching to dosing at night.  

Glad you are feeling better now and will be looking forward to what becomes of your dr's visit.
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Talk to the pharmacist, they will let you know the best time to take the med. Like you said, you felt better at night with it. Take it in the later day, you obviously don't need it during the day and become anxious at night, makes sense to me. Don't leave it too late though. Meds during the day can make you very sleepy, I also have my anxious feelings at night. Don't quit taking it though without drs. approval, keep taking it and go by a professionals advice if you decide to quit please. Take care.
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