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depression after oxy withdrawl

i just finished a 3 day detox from oxy-contin (40 mg. X 3 a day.
besides feeling a little weak and ringy, i seem to be physically
ok. what is bothering me is the the mother of all depressions. i
am talking putting a gun in my mouth depession. approx. how long
will this last. i periodically detox myself to find out where my
pain levels are at.(i don't want to be on oxy if i don't have to)
i've never expierenced this level of post physical depression.
is there something about oxy that gives it more of an emotional
"buzz saw" than other opiate withdrawal? it seems to me there is,
as i've expierenced withdrawl from other opiates and all though
they were physically more unpleasent, there was not this compent
of emotional. i'm already taking 400 mg of welbutronn a day, and
that seems to help some. today is my 4th day clean and i have no
physical symptoms of withdrawal, just this suicidal emotional
pain i seem to have no control over!

keep an angel on your shoulder
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Hey Kip,

I don't know the answer to your question for sure, but I do believe that taking 5-HTP, L-Tyrosine & B6, and a zinc/magnesium combo tablet can make you feel a noticeable improvement in the lethargy and dysphoria that occurs after opiate withdrawals.

If you want details on the dosages suggested for those supplements and amino acids, let me know.

And by the way, did you use Buprenex to help you withdraw from the oxys?

Meanwhile, hang in there. Time also helps enormusly, generally producing a "felt" improvement almost daily.

Let me know how you're doing.
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hi - i would like dosing information for the detox recipe.  i read that the recipe info is on the ezboard or something...i ALWAYS have problems getting to anything posted on the ezboard...not sure why.  anyhow, any info would be greatly appreciated!!
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Here's the info.

But in addition, could I please ask you to email me at ***@**** because I have an urgent question to ask you regarding Buprenex? Really, it's important.

Anyway, here's the dosage info for the supplements part of Dr. Thomas' detox recipe. Hlso recommends Immodium, Valiem, etc. for the first few detox days, but I don't have that info. What follows is just the supplements that supposedly help restore your brain to normal functioning. And people do swear by it, so there's a decent chance that it really does help:

1) 8 X 500mg caps of L-Tyrosine (or 4,000 mg), taken with 2 100 mg. caps of B-6. Take this on an empty stomach first thing in the morning each day for at least the first week of detox. L-Tyrosine restores the dopamine and epinephrine stores in your body.

2) 2 X 50 mg. capsules of 5-HTP, taken 3 times daily at least two hours after taking the L-Tyrosine. You may want to start out taking 3 times 1 50mg cap to see if it upsets your stomach, then work your way up to 3 X 2 50mg caps 3 times daily. Your body metabolizes 5-HTP directly into serotenin, which is seriously depleted during addiction.

3) Get the highest dose zinc + magnesium combination supplement -- I think you can get one that has 500 mg. magnesium and 25 mg. zinc. Take two per day with the L-Tyrosine and B-6. Zinc and magnesium are supposedly seriouslyu depleted during addiction.

That's about it. Like I say, a number of people who have tried these supplements say they can actually feel the difference in terms of relieving some of the lethargy and post-withdrawal depression that afflicts recovering opiate users during the first weeks of recovery. Good luck.

And please, Groovy, email me at ***@****, okay?

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i tried to email you, but it came back - your email address must be wrong here...

can't you post your question here?  we talk about everything here anyhow - doesn't seem like much doesn't get discussed...ahah
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I am so sorry to hear about your emotional drainage. I am not sure of oxy's but I know the withdrawls from hydro produced a lot of deep depression in me. i have heard that the depression from oxys is worse. I don't have any answers for you skipper but I wish i did because I know when someone has a problem you are always there reaching out. Do you think maybe something would work better than the Welbutrin? I will search the other forum to see if there is any info on this. good Luck skipper. And you know as bad as it seems now, it will improve.

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Can't imagine why the email would bounce back.

It's ***@****

Try again?
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