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depression after pain meds

So ive been having a lot of depression since coming off pain meds and its been really hindering my day to day living in a lot of ways. So i saw the Dr today (at the urging of my therapist)  and he said in suffering from PTSD and depression and suggested some medication!  I hear horror stories from people here about antidepressants so i wanted to get feed back from people on the 3 types he suggested.

He suggested either Zoloft, Lexapro or Effexor. And in conjunction with those he also mentioned risperidol?

Anyways, im obviously nervous but need something because my mind scares me lately so any help/feedback/advice would be great!

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I have only used lexapro and found it very good for me.  I have a friend who has been chronically depressed for years and has PTSD  (undiagnosed, but it is there).  He has been on lex for less than a week and it is amazing how he is doing.  It blows me away.  He said he has more energy (he was a slug) and is not sleeping the day away.  I found it worked for me in about 5 days in helping me see the light.  I took it until I was clean about 6 months and then stopped.  The depression has not returned for me.  I hope others chime in as well.
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I take the zoloft and it has made a huge difference in my day to day life.  I don't feel like I am dragging myself through the day like I was.   You have been through a lot these past few months sweetie which would definitely contribute to depression on top of getting off pain meds.   My Dr told me that sometimes we need that extra help to get us over that hump and he was right.   I have taken effexor in the past too.  It works on nerve pain, anxiety and depression.   I think I started noticing an improvement within a few days.   You may try one and find another one works better for you.   I have no experience with the other med you said.  Is that the one they advertise people taking in addition to AD for those that may need a little more if the AD isn't doing the whole job alone?    
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I have taken all four, prior opiates. There is no one fits all. It's trial and error. And usually takes 2-4 weeks for full effect.
I would certainly try any of the top 3, alone at first.
The resperidol.. That maybe too much.. You won't know if the primary med is working.
It made my legs feel like lead, so sleepy, so I had to stop. I don't know how it would have worked, side affects were too much.
Depression is real, so glad you are getting an option here to do something about it!!
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Girl, did you know that Effexor is kinda like our tramadol?  Yeeeeeeuck!  Try some Zoloft.  I agree that you need something.  I think I've told you, but I had to take one for a few months after I quit.  Sometimes we just need over the hump.  Or, you may need it for a long time.  There's no shame in taking one.  I know what you're thinking and the fear you have, but put it to rest, and just try something.  As far as Risperdal, I think I might wait on that one until you try the AD for a few weeks first.  I know some people who have had some bad side effects from that stuff.  It might not to it to you but could.  

There's my two cents........well, maybe more like fifty cents!!!! : ) Love ya!
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The Risperidol?? I have no idea actually. He said its to help with the PTSD? Im hoping someone knows or has taken that
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Effexor is like out tramadol?? Really?! Eff that one then!!! Haha this is why i wanted to ask ppl because i know alot of u have used them and would give honest feed back!  Ill take ur 50 cents for sure :)

Thank u Also Barb and Littlebit!
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