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depression and anxiety

hey all i am on day 8, and having a rough day. feeling sad,then mad at everything, and my anxiety is back with full force today. what are the good vitiams and amino acids that will help with these and the best place to find them (and the cheapest).  having problems with my computer for a couple of weeks and cant seem to get parts of this site to come up.about to go to work (which i feel for my co-workers today lol!!!  but really) but any info i would love. thanks all, you are all in my prayers.
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Hey Renn!!! Congrats on Day 8!!!!

I personally take 5-HTP and it seems to be helping...it helps with mood/anxiety, etc and is natural (check out the health pages as well). I dont think it's supposed to work overnight, but it sure does help!!!

On day 8, i felt EXACLTY as you did, and day 9, i felt the complete opposite...it's going to be a roller coaster and it will get better...i'm at 3 weeks and still have ups and downs, but the ups are definitely outweighing the downs at this point... =)

- Nick

You should be so happy you're @ day 8!!!!! Congrats to you!!!
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A big congrats on day 8...That is very normal to feel that way...and like nick said, you may have a great day tomorrow then a bad one the next...It will just take some time..But i promise things will get to where you will have more good days than bad...and to be honest for me there were not any good days at the end of my using....Good luck and hang in there
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thanks to the both of you for your suggestions and words of help. work did help to get my mind out of the bad place. well atleast a little.  i know gotta take the good with bad cause i did this to myself.   i just gotta hang in there i can see the light it just seem far sometimes.

nick  how are you??   you sound fantastic, which i am so happy for you. hoprfully when i get 2 my 3 weeks it will be way better,  where can i get the 5-htp stuff at.  anything to help myself would be fantastic. please check in sometimes so i know how you are, you to R2R  all the clean friends i can have the marryer   your in my prayers.
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To answer your question, many here swear by the "Thomas Recipe" -- could someone direct this person to its whereabouts please?

If you could go into more detail about what you were taking, how much, how long, etc., it would be helpful ...

Are you okay with eating? If not, you need lots of protein, which will take care of your amino acids and a lot of vitamins -- try a blender "smoothie" with soy or milk (soy is easier to digest) wit bananas, berries, protein powder, pineapple ... whatever fruits you like. Drink at least three a day. If you're a meat eater, easy-to-digest meats will give you a lot of nutrition ... soup is good.

How's your sleep? Lay off the coffee and colas -- try chamomile or something quieting. You can get melatonin OTC at most drug stores, or see a doctor and get a week's worth of Valium or Klonopin or Ambien ... just for a week. Say you're under a lot of stress a t work, family ... keep it simple, and mention that years ago, under similar circumstances, a doctor prescribed Valium or Klonopin for 7-10 days "as needed." Go in dressed really respectably and look tired and at your wit's end.

Others here will jump in, so don't worry, and congratulations on getting to Day *!
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Should have closed with ... Day 8. I'm tired.
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Congrats on Day 8! You have been clean for over a week! That is great. Someone once recommended to me a B complex vitamin for stress/anxiety. I use it and I think it works so you could try that out. If you go to whole foods or the vitamin store you can find it. It will say B complex: Stress, or something along those lines. Keep moving forward, tomorrow you will be at day 9, about a week and a half and that is awesome. Way to go!
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thanks kevin and cassie for the words and help. still having a roung day. told my family i was an addict  and  they really took to it well first couple of days now not so much. i am in alabama right now but am moving to michigan on wed. (family making me leave, really my step-dad who himself is and addict, alcoholic) (lived in michigan most of my life). my dad is there and he is a recovering alcohlic (been sober over 20 years!!  go dad) so i know he will be very helpful. just feel a little defeated cause it was so hard to tell them, and i feel they are just getting the problem out of there hair. i know i did this to myself and the more clean i become i will see all this differently.

ok i was on lortabs on and off for about 5 years. this is my 3rd and FINAL time. at the end i was taking any where from 10 to 12   10mgs a day (holy that is so crazy to write) for a good 6-7 months . i have been really taken nothing besides OTC pain relief,  stuff for bathroom issues, and mom has ambien i have been taken for sleep. dont really want the valium cause it scares me and dont want a new DOC you know. i have been eating ok, and trying to pound in the water. that is a rough draft of my story.

cassie girl!!!  how are you? how are you feeling? you hanging in there? i left a couple of message and didnt hear from you so i am so glad to see you here still. please let me know how you are when you have a chance.

kevin thanks again for the info and your time, it means sooo much. i need all the clean and good friends i can get. you are in my prayers.
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