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depression and opiate withdrawl

what supplements wil  help with the depression brought on by opiate withdrawl.  I am hearing sam-e works well
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check out the thomas recipe that is located on Health pages at the bottom of this page.  I used everything but the tranquilizer.  They did help.  Time will help the depression more than anything.  Good luck on getting clean!!!
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thanks for the help..
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    Hi I hope this will help! Vitamin B-12 deficiency causes nerve pain or tingling, dementia, mental illness, tremors and difficulty walking. Also when vitamin B-12 and vitamin D deficiency together can mimic multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome and postpartom depression/phychosis. The way I found this info is I have some of these symtoms. I searched (surfed) the internet individual searches like vitamin A deficiency symptoms.and so on.It also could take up to a year to correct some deficiencies. B-12 Iron and vit D are 3 deficiencies that cause fibro,depression,severe body pain,weakness,fatigue syndrom. I am going to have blood work done to see if I have any deficiencies.Because taking too much vitamins can cause big problems too.I was so surprised when I found this info.So I will try good nutrition for a year or so and see if it can help all or some of my own health problems.Maybe I should'nt have eaten all that junk food! Happy holidays!
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