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depression following OC withdrawal

My 20 year old son never appeared nor expressed depressed symptoms up to the time he sought in patient treatment to withdraw from snorting oxycontin in September 2009.  He was successful in ending that addiction; however, while he was withdrawing he was extremely depressed, sobbing intermittently and then showing signs of extreme anxiety with racing thoughts.  The anxiety symptoms mostly ended while still in rehab.  He has been on antidepressants (Czymbalta 30 mg) but has been weaning off of them. He has stopped for about two weeks now.  Currently he is on 15 mg of Mirazapine daily.  Still, he has brief (1-2 hrs) episodes about once a week of sobbing, hopeless feelings.  He doesn't believe that he is depressed. He is doing pretty well in college and has friends.  He says that he can feel it coming on but can't seem to stop it.
My question is this:  Will these episodes end - is he still suffering from withdrawal symptoms? More to the point, should this be treated more like a brain injury then a psycological condition? Should a neurologist evaluate him? Last question:  When I was in labor, I was given morphine for the pain. His heart rate was slower the first few days after his birth.  Could the Morphine have had any effect on his opiate addiction or the way his body responded to the OC?
Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks  
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I think your son may be experiencing withdrawal from the cymbalta (depending on how fast his taper was).  There is also the possibility of it being a side effect of the new medication (the mirtazapine) but I think that that is unlikely.

My personal opinion is that your son became depressed because of underlying issues which perhaps led to the addictive behavior in the first place.  Addictions are good ways to mask emotional issues.

I believe you should be discussing these concerns with a psychiatrist.  I also believe that psychotherapy may be helpful.
The doctor on the mental health expert forum may be better able to advise.

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