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I am going to begin my withdrawal from subs this weekend.  My fear is the depression.  I am currently taking 2 mgs of sub a day and have been for the last 21/2 years.  I was fired from my job of 15 years almost a month ago, and am already severely depressed.  Continuing with subs is not an option, I have no more money or resources in which to get them, as they were not prescribed to me.  Any ideas on how I can help myself with the depression?  Really scared.
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You are going to feel like **** the next couple of weeks.  But just set yourself free if you can't get any scripts anymore.  I have been sober now for 27 days and it was hell, but I'm better now.  I go back to work tomorrow.  I am nervous about it but I have to have some sense of normal.  You might want to go to the store. Get, something for diarrhea, something for muscle pain, something to help you sleep. All OTC stuff.  If that's all you can do that's all you can do.  Prepare for the hurt but expect the relief at the end of the rainbow.  You can do it.  I am not a strong person and I am doing it.  I wish I could help you in another way but you just have to go thru the bad to get to the good.  There is no good without the bad.  
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Hi just an idea, I was put on effexor ( anti depressant) 3 weeks before jumping and am 5 weeks clean with no depression even when I was w/drawling. If you dont want more meds I tell people to get saint johns wort which is over the counter natural anti depressant. Im sorry you feel this way. Make sure your diet includes freshly washed vegetables, fruit etc. also if your lacking sun-light, that plays a huge part also in depression, I use vitamin d supplements  1000 IU.  Good luck, I hope you get better soon.
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I agree with Amanda that an anti-depressant would help.  Unfortunately if you are going cold turkey it will take a while to reach the therapeutic effect of the anti-depressants so there would still be days where you would struggle with the depression.
I also agree that vitamins can assist like b12 and others.  The most important thing is to not stay in your head and not stay too stagnant.  Do as much as you can to stay busy but don't overwhelm yourself.  A good diet of healthy foods along with some physical activities can help pass the time because that is what it takes to get through this....time.
Your brain has to repair itself and find other ways of releasing endorphins.  All I can promise is that it gets easier as the days pass.  Hours may seem like days until days seem like hours.  Good luck,

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Tory, try sam-E. It takes about a week to start working but it has for me. Wish I had known about it when I first started. I would add it to the Thomas recipe. Good luck, your doing the right thing. Just hang in there and let us help you through it. my prayers are with you. God Bless
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I just looked up the Thomas recipe, took notes on everything that everyone has suggested, and as today is payday, going shopping.  I will go talk to my doc (re:anti depressants), but as was mentioned, the time it takes to get into your system will be past the time I am concerned about... plus, I don't want to have to come off anything, ever again.  They put me on anti depressants after my husband died, which I didn't really understand, because I think I was supposed to be depressed, but I didn't much like it when I stopped taking those either.  But this is one of the reasons I am so scared.  I am way more depressed right now than I was even when he died.  I don't know why, seems kinda outta whack, maybe that is why I'm so scared.  I'm happy to report that a friend offered me vic's, and my brain turned for a minute or two, thinking of all the usual stuff, 'next week would be a better time, maybe just a few to take the edge off, blah, blah,blah.  But in the end, I decided it's just time to do this.  Somehow at 56, I've found myself raising a toddler and a teen, and I am not doing that job justice either.  I've changed, and not for the better, I want me back....but God I'm scared. Anyway, thanks for all the good advice and for letting me vent, wish me luck!  
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