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ok sweetie...you are really pulling on my heart strings.

i know that you are going through hell right now...and i am so, so sorry that you don't have anyone there with you.   if i could sweetie, i would come to you...wrap my arms around you...hold you...and tell you that everything is going to be ok.
i am a mom...and being a mom is what i do best!  you can't imagine what i am going through just knowing that you are hurting and i can't help you.  you reached out...and i felt your pain...saw your tears...and want to help you.  but i can't do this alone.  you've got to help me...so that i can help you.  talk to me sweetie...feel my arms around you...comforting you...hear my voice...it's ok...i am here with you.  let me help you...you are not alone...i am here.

kim (resident mom)  
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