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detox depression

hi- i,m new to this forum. Can anybody tell me why the depression i feel whilst detoxing from tramadol is so severe when i am prescribed and take regular paxil for depression. I would really appreciate your support
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I've taken oxycontin, oxycodone, hydros & ultram. Ultram was the hardest for me to detox from. It helped my mood when I took it-I was also taking antidepressants. I asked my former doc about the mood enhancement & he said it had the same ingredients as an SSRI (even moreso.) So when you stop taking ultram, it's a double whammy--no more pain med & no more mood med. Also, Ultram is dangerous to take together with SSRI's as it can cause seizures. Ask your doc for a stronger SSRI & taper the ultram til you can come off completely.
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I'm new to the forum also but I do have alot of experience with Ultram withdrawl.  I was on Ultram for 8 years for a back injury and truly thought I would never get off the stuff.  

Ultram is a synthetic replica of morphine and works on most of the same areas of your brain.  When morphine or any similar pain killer is present, you own natural endorphins (not sure I spelled it right) do not get produced in their normal quantites.  Endorphins are your body's natural pain killers, there are actually several pain killers that naturally occur in the body but I'll use endorphins for this explaination.

There are parts of the nerves that are called receptors and when pain killers (Ultram etc.) are taken, your body is tricked into believing that it doesn't need as many receptors as it once did.  It also reduces the amount of it's own endorphins because it detects the Ultram and thinks it's overproducing it's own endorphines.  If someone is on pain killers for more than 6-8 months their body actually looses it's ability to product it's own pain killers.  Therefore, not only do you go thorough withdrawl, you also will be in more pain because your body is not producing it's own pain killers.  In normal circumstances, pain killers should be taken only as long as a severe injury is present and then stopped.

OK, enough background, the reason your anti-depressent is not working is because the ultram is one of the best anti-depressents ever created.  I can remember taking it and feeling a warm rush from the top of my head spreading downward.  It acts like a major rush of endorphins and puts you own cloud 9.  The problem is, I now think of that warm rush as the burning up of my own nerve receptors.  When the Ultram is missing, your body will crave it because it works for a balance of endorphines but it now has less ability to create it's own.

My advice is to stop taking the Ultram because of all pain killers I've ever taken, it was one of the hardest to quit.  I've taken many types of pain killers, Delaudid, Peracet, Darvon, Methadone, Oxycontin ect..  When I stopped taking Ultram, I was up to 12 50mg pills a day.  

The longer you use it the longer it will take for your body to get back to normal.  I switched from Ultram to Methadone to help with the withdrawl.  I took the Methadone for 2 years and finally stopped all together a year ago.  They say that the first week off is the worst and it is for the withdrawl symtoms but the depression part can go on for several months before your body gets back to normal.  I've finally learned that there are many none narcotic solutions to the pain and depression and I'm happy to say that I now take no prescription medicine at all.

I hope this helps.
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p.s. I'm new too. I'm detoxing from lortab 10's (12 a day) right now and when I say detoxing, I mean I've switched to Darvocets so I can stand the pain. I've done it like this before, as they say--it's so damn easy to quit, I've done it a thousand times! I'm also taking lots of vitamins & something to flush me out that the healthfood store lady recmd. I told her everything & she really helped. Even prayed for me. Got online last week to search for vikes & ended up here, reading posts. I broke down, woke my husband up at 2am & told him I needed help. I've been addicted to some sort of narc for about 5 years. I'm seeing a therapist today at 2:15 & GOD, i hope he can help. Someone who's been through this reccommended him, so he's good. I hope he gives me something for the depression I know will come once i run out of these darvocets. BUT, the darvocets really do help with the w/d symptoms--i never really had any symptoms when i came off of those. Just the vikes/ultram & oxys. Hope you get help w/your depression also. Paxil did nothing for me except make me sweat. I'm taking 100 mgs of zoloft now & don't feel a difference. I've heard that effexor is good...we'll see how it goes today.
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I'm sorry to break in but real quick, Pammy, I tried to email you but couldn't? I double checked and it is correct as far as in the other thread. what should I do? KimH
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The last two sentences of your post explain me perfectly. How long did the depression last? I can handle any physical wds but this messin w/ my head sh*t is out of control. Doner
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Maybe I was typing too fast ***@**** Pam
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I think I type too fast fast ***@****
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depression from withdrawls last about month or so.
it varies with each person.
you may want to try the 5htp sold at the vitamine shop.
some people here at this fourm sware by it.
if your depression is sever and continues you may want
to look into getting prosac,
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You say the nicest things. BUT ..You are gonna have withdrawls.. man, I see you sugarcoating it and I feel bad for you.. It's gonna hit you... Be prepared...
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ummmm. hello, most of us ARE addicts dude, what are you saying? God, your grammar is AWESOME dude!!!
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I cant really translate/understand your post to me about sugarcoating something.Please try and explain it to me in a different way.Thank you,Melissa
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I told a short story in an earlier post about starting bup and a friend of mine doing it starting today, I'm concerned (this is really about a friend and not me)LOL!!  Anyway she got 1.mg bup 4 times a day for 10 days I get 0.6, I'm not sure why the differance except maybe she told the doc she took more then what she did, The problem is she is already on the phone trying to get a refill of Vics, I told her to give the Bup a chance but I think she will get the vics anyway will she have a reaction if she mixes the meds??? Will the pharmacy see that she got bup and is know getting vics? I looked for Bup on drug checker .com and it said nothing found. Thanks Terri
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Ultram (tramadol) is a synthetic analogue of codeine. As the doctor says, it only weakly interacts with the brain's Mu receptor sites. Its full effect is assumed to be due to a synergy between it's weak opiate agonist action and it's properties as both a serotonin and norepinephrin reuptake inhibitor. The latter effects are similar to many anti-depressants that extend the life of serotonin and/or norepinephrin in the brain.

Ultram has been used in Germany since the late 70's with markedly little abuse.
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I'm pretty new over here, also.  I have been off of ultram for 4 1/2 months now after a 3 year run.  I have been addicted to almost everything in the whole world.. I had been clean for 15 years and I started taking that ****.  It is really interesting what you say about it, because I have been through withdrawals before,  but nothing like ultram.. I really didn't think I was going to make it.  The depression was the worst.  Also, my blood pressure went sky high.  My doctor put me on 3 different kinds of bp medicine and Effexor and everything changed.  I really started feeling better and that was like my 3rd month into it.  Like a lot of people I didn't want the anti-depressant, but he was right it did the trick.  He also took me off of the estrogen patch,  because he said that aggravated the high bp.  I went twice during the w/ds to er room with bp up to 210/130 - 220/150 (stroke level)I was scared to death, but I told the doctors the truth and they were great to me. Now my bp is 110/70 most of the time.
Thanks for all the info and I will be praying for all of you and if I can help, let me know.  Hang in there and keep posting!
Everyone here is great and give great advice!
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What a strange coincidence it is that this is the topic for today.Engsal, Ive never even heard of you(as you are new,so am I)but I promise to pray for you tonight for your depression and that it passes quickly.Every persons reaction to coming off opiates is different.My boyfriend and I started tapering methadone a few months back(so far successful).Now he feels great and ambitious and ready to take on the world. I however fell into a deep depression that as been haunting me for what feels like forever.As far as Im concerned, depression is the the worst wd symptom of all.I am so sorry for you,truly I mean it.Withdrawls play with some peoples minds sometimes to the extent that they think they are going crazy.I hope yours isnt that bad.I just sympathize so with your situation so much. MrMichael will probably get to you soon(as I personally believe he is one of the most caring souls here) He will have more accurate info but look into finding a doctor near you qualified to prescribe burenorphine(sp).Ive been told by a good source that the difference is like night and day.Unfortunatly there is no dr. near me that is qualified so Im pretty much screwed but it could really help you.And if you feel anything like I do you'll be lookin for that doctor today.My heart goes out to you as I understand how you feel.Chin up,Melissa
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depression , connected with pain med withdrawls is like a bad acid trip, you just have to keep telling yourself its just the with drawls, it will pass.
i tried to kick cold turkey off a 15 to 20 a day vike habit
own my own for about 2 years but the depression was so severe
i went back to the pills in order to function.
this was before i found this fourm.
along with the depression the other major problem was lack of energy, another problem i could not get over on my own.
when i found this fourm i started to learn what was going on
with me, for i was truely in the dark about the withdrawls
symptoms of opiate withdrawl.
when i got here a year and a half ago, it was suggested to me to try to taper down wich i had no sucess with.
I was also introduced to thomas's recipe a group of vitamines
and minerals , i started taking them right away and they helped
me finally get through the depression of cold turkey.
the l-tyrosine and b-6 made me feel a lot  better, at  the time
i  would wake up in the morning and feel like i was 100 years old, the vitamine gave me back my health, i must have been
very deficent in vitamines and minerals.
the receipe helped me with the depression and lack of energy.
and i had a rough 5 days detoxing  but then it began to get easier, sleeping was a problem for a month or two.
but my feeling came back and i started to feel joy for the 1st time in a few years. i have been clean for 15 monts now ,
i still take the receipe, tho i cut down on the l-tyrosine.
i have also taken 5htp for depression.
the one thing that i have found very helpful has been
exersize and lots of it ,.
my experence with the depresion from withdrawls  was a feeling of fear, the fear of impending doom. also sense of panic.

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hi guys and gals.....im a lurker and have been for weeks and weeks. you have helped me so much you will never know, especially mr michael and mr jack, but all of you have, and i do try and keep a angel on my shoulder kip. you see, im not a addict, or alcoholic, and ive tried not to judge. i had my wife, now  ex wife, in detox and every treatment plan know to man, even kept her from jail, but finally, i cut the thread. i still love her more than the breath in my lungs, and all you guys talk of, all the w/d, c/d, the depression, the on and on....i have witnessed this in person from the other side of the glass you look thru. you have helped me understand, you have helped me cope, you have made me welcome. i have seen all the deviant lies, all the "doing what it takes" to get that fix....if i had my way i would go blow up pudue pharama and outlaw oxycontin. she bought it off the street..of course she went the regular route first, the doc shopping, the ER visits, ultram, percs,vics, seems that all the addicts kind of get a circle, they all know who, and when, and where.i just want to thank you all for your heartfelt wins and especially your losses.you will never know the sleepless nites i have endured, and you do cause of insomnia, i do cause my heart is shattered, but what a gift and godsend you all have brought me thru education. yes, i do go to alanon and narcanon, but god grace me as i never had to walk in your shoes, but.......i tried to walk in hers,   thats enough now, but as the thread spoke of 2 days ago, i have a new tool for my "toolbelt" and that is you all......godspeed, and if anybody wants to write, like jack im kinda glued to this..(hi jack)....***@**** also go by jim  xxx
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On my L-tyrosene bottle (500mg,) it indicates only 1 a day. You say 4 in the morning? I want to feel able to get out of bed & shower but I'm kinda leery about taking that much-- funny, ain't it? I'll take handfuls of vikes, but scared of vitamin overdose. I'd like to know exactly what you took day by day & for how long. thank you in advance--i'm still taking these horrible darvocets so i won't crash too hard when i come off altogether.
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Sorry honey, I just meant that I feel for you. It seems like you are looking for an easy out in regards to the withdrawl thing, and I am just afraid that when the tapering method wears off, you are in for a difficult battle. I read your posts and you are very eloquent but I yearn for you to be clean. Sorry if I have overstepped my boundaries..
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Well it's day 19 clean....and to tell the truth i feel like **** today...i my head hurts and every bone in my body hurts hell even my hair hurts...not a good day but at least i'm still clean....i'm going to see if i can get some sleep...good day everyone...and good luck with all of that getting stuff...**** i feel bad.....Jack
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hi doner, hippy here, i don't think you sugar coated anything
in your post, you said your boyfreind is doing better with his
withdrawls and that you are have a tough time with the severe depression part of withdrawls.
i also had a rough time with the depression. to the point
where i could not even get off the couch or leave the house.
but the receipe helped with it, along with the 5htp.
in the receipe the l-tyrosine 4  500 mgs in the morning
along with 2 100 mg of b-6   helped a lot with the depression and lack of energy,
take it a day at a time and try to  keep busy, find a a couple of good books and try not to sit around doing nothing.
move you body exersize if you can as much as possible.
p.s sorry for the bad grammer. it is the least of my problems.
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pasted from opioids.com ...

"In 1913, Bayer decided to stop making heroin. There had been an explosion of heroin related admissions at New York and Philadelphia hospitals, and in East Coast cities a substantial population of recreational users was reported (some supported their habits by collecting and selling scrap metal, hence the name "junkie")."
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hey miko , welcome, when i 1st came to this fourm
a year and half ago i was trying to detox  by myself my way
to no avil, when i came here they introduced me to thomas's recipe and it said to take 8 500 mgs of l-tyrosine and 2 100 b-6 mgs in the morning along with the rest of the receipe.
like you i was reluctant to take 8 of anything but i did
and it helped me get through the 1st week of withdrawls
a lot easier then i had ever experenced.
there are many people here who have done the same thing .
the receipe helped me more then i could say.
you can find it below listed on one of the threads.

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if you're nervous about taking a high dose, don't. I'd suggest 1500mgs, or 3 of the 500mg capsules with 100mg B6 on an empty stomach, mornings being best. See how you feel and scale it up or down accordingly. Too high a dose can cause a brief episode of the runs occuring within the first hour. It's short lived, however, and will not return during the day. If you're using the Imodium to control runs from the detox, the Imodium may control any such reaction from the L-Tyrosine. If you get pronounced coffee jitters from your L-Tyrosine dose, then sale it down a bit the next day. The people writing the dosing instructions on the L-Tyrosine don't have our purpose in mind, plus they really have no idea what a proper dose should be anyway. I would try at the very least 1000mgs to get a sense of how it feels, with 1500mgs being my own minimum dose. Good luck.

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