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detox text buddy??

Hi everyone. I've been weaning for a month or more from oxy n other opiates. I'm down 2 a dose I can manage but Summer is coming n i KNOW I won't b able 2 work because of how often I run out n am "sick" im so ashamed of myself :(
Quitting completely would really get my life back. I had pain, as most of us have, but it's gone n I know I can do this... it's just mentally/emotionally really difficult. I've had a hard childhood followed by a hard adult life w domestic violence, addiction, isolation.. I try 2 stay away from others so no one truly knows what's going on with me. I wanna b able 2 be social, go on vacation etc without worrying about meds constantly!!
Message me if ur interested in being texting buddies text S often as u need to, as I am not working ATM :( I could really use some help, I don't care if u are clean, trying to be clean or recovered. Just someone willing to listen n know im also here to listen whenever u need as well.

Fingers crossed I find some people in a similar situTion! Can't wait 2 start breaking down y we do it, how 2 actually stop FOR REAL.. I've tried so many times n failed..
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231 four twenty four 2 nine se7en
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Hi and welcome to the forum.....well a big congrats on tapering  it is a struggle for most addicts.....you came to a great place we do home detox's every day around here....the first thing you want to do is get prepared...pick up a case of gatoraid  your going to need to force the fluids  pick up some epsom salt for the bath  a hot soak goes a long way in re leaving most of the symptoms  you may need several a day a sleep aid can be helpful  traditional madicanals makes a tea called nighty night  it is hands down the best sleep aid I have found  rent a bunch of movies to keep you bizzy all night most people dont sleep  next the best thing you can bring to the table is a positive attitude  it will make the difference between being  uncomfortable or suffering....suffering is a choice.....try not to read anything into it it is always worst in our heads then it turns out to be....dont let fear into the equation instead embrace this as the beginning to a new life drug free.....I have said this a million times here on the forum  but you just got to be ok without being ok for a wile  this should be your mantra threw detox....post and post often we will guild you threw the whole process  we all look forward to helping you.......
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man wish i would of heard that advice about not reading and looking stuff up,i am 2 days out from goin ct.
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Congrats soulscapex! Keep going. U can post on this thread with me, no one has texted so I'll just keep posting on here.
I have Epsom salt, xanax, and am ordering Kratom (everyone should look it up, or share experiences with it??)
Also got some trams 2 help me wean evenmore.

Here's the problem, I got a severe head cold, sinus pain etc. It's terrible!! I'm so mad cuz the weaning is hard enough now idk if I should go thru w the detox with this head cold.
Look at Prince.. he had a cold then OD'ED.
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I'm really hoping kratom will help.
It's the mental part that's worse than the physical part ya know?
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Hi....well you seem to be doing ok except for the head cold....just stick with it there is always a reson we cant do it or put it off....as for the mental part it is what causes people to pick up again  I call it the ''mental mindscrew''....even once the dope stops your still stuck with the addict in your head....this will not go away on its own and again it is why people pick up again.....we ALWAYS recamend aftercare for me N/A has been the magic bullet   it is free the meetings are only a hour long and it will give you some place to share what is going on in your head where the people will understand....this is a critical part of recovery so google a N/A or A/A meeting near you and start going as soon as your up to it  keep posting for support where all here for you  let me know if you have any more questions  ooo and what day are you on now????
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Hi.....well kratom helps but it is like putting out a fire with gasoline...it comes with it own can of worms and is addictive also....as for your question  it is the ''mental mindscrew'' that makes most people relapse  long after the pills stop your still stuck with the addict in your head....aftercare is a critical part of recovery  weather it be a shrink or a addicton tharapist  a substance abuse conslor or a 12 step progam.....I have tried all of the above but the N/A progam has been the magic bullet for this addict....it is free the meetings are only a hour long  and it will give you some place to share where the people will understand  it is the only progam that I know of that with time and working the 12 steps  you will loose the very desire to get high.....something I always thought was impossible  so google a N/A or A/A   meeting near you and go as soon as your up to it....Keep posting for support where all here for you...........................Gnarly..........................................
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