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detoxing off tramadol

anyone else out there quitting "cold turkey" off tramadol? it is day 3 for me,(I say day 3 because it usually doesn't bother me too bad the very next day) I do not feel too bad, but this is the third or forth attemt to quit. My last dose was the night of the 17th. The next day usually isn't terribly bad because it is still in my system but the second day, I have cold sweats and so on. I have another prescription available to me in 6 day's, I would like to let it go, but some how, I know I will get it and take it until it runs out again. Anyone else? I am taking way too many, day and night.
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there have been people pass thru that were coming off Tramadol/Ultram. i understand that it acts like an opiate. so withdrawl should be the same as all pain meds. if you are on day 3 you are almost there with the physical parts. hold on another few days. there is light at the end of the tunnel. and welcome you are in the right place.
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I've been on a duragesic fentanyl patch for over 7 years, and am trying to get off it.
I've cut back from 2 100's every other day, and am now down to 1 100 every 3 days.
The first day I was so happy...at first.  I thought, well, this is really nothing until that afternoon, and the following days.  
Then I found out what its all about.  At first it just messed with my head, and some of my body.
But now I'm experiencing periodic sharp pains, and would sure like to be over it.
I'm thinking maybe cold turkey would be best just to be over it, but its kind of tough.
Any way I hope the best for you.
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eek do not try cold turkey after 7 yrs... I have been on tramadol off and on for 3 years. I say off and on because when the scrip run's out is is usually for about 2 weeks, then I get it again. I sure wish I was strong anough to not get the scrip I have coming in 5 or 6 day's.
Tapering off, weening yourself is best way, unless ther is ultra rapid detox, which, I do nont know about you, but I KNOW I cannot aford. I do not have a good support team here to help me. My husband is an alcholic (spledd right of course). Good luck,
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Thank you
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I have become addicted to tramadol as well, I originally got the prescribed by the doctor/dentist after repeated surgeries and infections spreading to the jaw bone. I am trying to taper with not as much success as I had hoped for, I am terribly afraid of the W/D by going cold turkey, I have tapered down from 12 a day to six a day, but it is hard to get any lower than that. I have some days taken 10 again, so I am having to start all over again on the taper. How many tramadols have you been taking a day. Please post again with an update on your progress. Good luck.
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I am in the third day of detoxing from tramadol and hydros (10/325).  I would take the hydros until they ran out (can go through 120 in a little over a week), then I would take the tramadol until they ran out (about 120 in a week), then I would be on the hunt for more.  I started taking them for legitimate pain, now it is because I need them.  I am miserable, not sure which I'm withdrawing from or which one is the worst.  How long does this last?
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how long have you been on both? it is a mix of both that is making you feel so yucky.  I tried to use hydro 10 to get me through the tramadol detox, no such luck. I just took those in a matter of a week, like you said. I get a prescrip of tramadol's 240 that is suppose to last all month. It last 2 weeks at most. I have been off of them for a few days then my husband would have a scrip for them, and he didn't use them or even know he had them, so I would use his. My doc actually gives me 11 refils on them, I have been on for 3 yrs now. It usually takes 3 day's to feel somewhat human, but then the depresseion kicks in. (which crazy enough my doc says I can use these to help my manic depression, when used correctly)The cold sweats will hit you, you will probably not be able to sleep well. After day 4 or 5 you should be home free. I don't know about the depression side of it tho.
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good morning to all.... so far beside the vertigo, depression not too terribly bad considering I am manic depressive and off tramodol. I still have that refil I can get in 3 day's. I am fighting that. Hope everyone is doing okay. Thanks to everyone for the support and feedback
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my wife started taking tramadol abt 5yrs ago for her fibermayalga her dr. prescribed 150 per month for 1yr and then i started taking them too for no reason just liked the feeling I've never taken prescriptsion drugs before i started taking tramadol. then i got in a motorcycle accedent (motocross) and i got my own script 180 per month by then my wifes script was up to 240 per month from us sharing  then i got mine upt to 240 per month thats 480 a month after doing that for a while we were just trying to make our scripts last as long as possible when we would first get our scripts we take 14 to 16 aday until we got low, this went on for years i would have to detox sometimes cause we would be so low that i couldnt take anymore cause my wife really needed them so i would detox for 2or 3 days until one of us got our refill i would even detox at work (not fun) and aventullay i got more presribed by my dr. 120 more a month and that still wasnt enough so i would detox and quit for like a month but get right back into it. its been over six months since my last dosage and man i feel great but my wifes still struggling to quit shes never even tried to since she started but today is her 3rd day in over 5yr that she hasnt taken any oh yea every time i quit in the past its been cold turky including the last time i dosed my went cold turky to. so it is possible you can do it if you can tough it out for about 3 days your home free first day isnt so bad its the second and third that are hard it will be very hard to sleep hot and cold sweats anxiety shakes etc. but you can do it on your own if anyone has any question about tramadol or ultram please reply i would love to help.  
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from tramadol, now down to 75 mg's/day, been there for +2 weeks and cant seem to taper further w/o the anxiety/panic attacks. Been taking all of that otc stuff along with klonopin and Ambient CR for sleep, still no help. 2 tabs per day and I'm A-ok, less than that, life is hell. Spoke to the doc and he said that if 2 tabs works for me, then why quit? He wants me to stay on 2 tabs/day, The devil reincarnate!

So here I am, lost and confused, with no plan on hand, but sitting on perhaps hundreds of tramadol in my back office....I think that I can maintain 2 tabs a day now, and feel good an productive, But I want to be clean but know not how to!

Please help!
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just stay on the 2 for a while ..take some of the pressure off yourself then after a while (like a month) then try to drop a half agian . You will get it .Just takes as long as you need .
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vic, if your taking 2 trams aday and thats 75mgs of ultram it sounds like your taking ultracet, which has a lower amount of ultram than tramadol. but as bad as it sounds 2 ultracet aday isnt that bad so don't beat yourself up. but that dr. should of gave you better advice than that somtimes i think they get bonus checks from the fda lol.usually when your taking trams or other opeites your always increasing the doses so i think your doing a great job if you can maintain on just 2 aday. when you drop your doses its a very stressfull time so the next time you try to quit plan it out take time for you and get support from the person or people close to you, take time off work if you need, seek better medical advice, or research untraditional methods for detoxing and dealing with your withdrawls, be smart about it if you really want to quit you need to have a plan of attack before you stop taking them. good luck and hope the best for you.

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Avisg, thanks for the advice and warm thoughts, much appreciated :-).
Still hanging on @ 1-1/2 tabs of Tramadol per day, wanting to stabilize my sleep and anxiety issues before I cut back further
Lately, the temptation to increase my T. has been occuring (probably because the stock Mkt. has been gasping for air), but i keep reminding myself that I can't ever again use drugs for recreational purposes...that those desires to 'feel better' is just a fleeting  thought, and that within a few moments I'll have already forgotten the urge anyway, so I just say 'No' and move on with the next task at hand.

But with the Ambient and and antihistamine I use for sleep, and the Klonopin for anixety...is just making me feel dense/thick/groggy during the day, really negating the good feelings that I would had otherwise felt from the major tramadol reduction. Yea, just substituting drugs...tho cutting back on the tramadol addiction which is good. Next will be the Klonopin.

At this pace, who knows, it could take 6~9 months to fully detox, but just as long I am making progress, directionally speaking, I can live with it and still find gratitude.

Thanks for listening.

-Best Wishes!
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Just saw your post, thank you for your suggestions too. Since I will be self insured (or try to get insured that is) in October '08', it's important to keep my medical record clean of any more traces of being human...*sic.
I probably wont get insured anyway, but not for lack of trying. As such, this forum has been critical to my success to date, and w/o it  I would surely be lost, but i know that this current tapering process is still too drug heavy, otc and the prescribed stuff!

I have to rethink this process, at least cut one sleep aid out, stay steady with the Klonopin and begin cutting the tramadol again....this really does sux!

At least I'm not working now, not sure how the working folk with family could ever manage their way out of this mess! Wow!

Thanks everyone for your support and ideas!

-Best of the Best!
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Hi Victor and everyone!
I have not been on in a while so  thought I'd give a quick update.
I am still at about 62 mgs a day.
I tried taking 31 mgs at 10 am and the other dose of 31 mgs at 6pm for a few weeks which was a change from taking the 62 mgs divided in 3 doses 6 hrs apart, in an effort to start spreading  out the doses further and further apart.
It was not horrible but I just felt ****** all day. Extreme fatigue and weakness esp. in my legs has been the hardest to deal with.Tired all day but really bad by 3pm or so.  I was just trying to get through my daily chores and activities so I could hit the couch.
I am not a couch potato and do not want to be one! LOL!!!   I even had to turn down evening social get togethers with friends because I was just drop dead tired.
It's hard to decipher what is actually happening when you have these symptoms!
I find myself constantly questioning everything.
Is it the taper effects?
Am I coming down with the flu?
Are symptoms that the original dose of 200mgs a day I had always been on and was treating/masking now surfacing?...The Fibro, Ulcerative Colitis which is flaring pretty bad too and my spine problems?
Am I getting some new disease? Sheesh!
So...two days ago, I went back to a 3 times a day schedule of 25 mg at 8am, 25 mg at 2pm and  about 12 mgs at 8pm. I still have that soap in the bed trick and the MoM every night. It's helping!
Today finally, I did feel  a little better, a little less fatigued.
Anyway, I have also hit somewhat of a radblock with all of this and so I am holding at this 62 mgs per day until I sort out what t do.
I got my 2008 Humana HMO Insurance benefits update and for the first time, they are adding free dentures to their benefits package. This is huge for me!
I have had no dental insurance before, and my teeth are in horrible shape and I do need at least a partial plate on the bottom and a full denture on top. I will be facing 10 teeth pulled at once for the top, not sure how many for the bottom yet.
I do not want to take any of the "codone's" for these extractions. I'm not even sure if I want to try percocet. So all I can think of is to stay where I am at this point with the Tramadol ( 62 mgs) and if I absolutely have to, take a few extra for the pain after  the surgery and hope  regular Tylenol will hold me over too, then go back on my tapering from the 62 mgs.
I don't know what else to do. A friend of mine thinks this sounds most logical. I will run it by the oral surgeon once I get my appointment set up.

Vic, it looks as though you are working this the best way you can too.
Don't beat yourself up for what ever time this takes you. My policy is break it down...baby steps, steady steps...one step at a time. Sometimes you must take a step back but then you go forward again. This is not an All or Nothing thing.
Like I know I got from 200 mgs a day to 62 mgs a day so I have no doubt I will get from 62 to 0....it's just a matter of time. That's all!
Have patience! This too shall pass!  : D
Continued good luck to all!

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Hi all, just realized that I might be addicted to tramadol. 3 a day is all I can take, and I'm down to my last 20 tabs. Got the pills from my mom (ha,ha). Starting tomorrow, and for 2 days, I'll take 1 and half tabs. Then 1 tab for 2 days, then a half tab for two more, and see how that works. Hopefully, cold turkey after that won't be too bad.
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getting off trammadol is so hard but it can be done I have done it and I don't ever want to get back on the darn things.  I have my good days and my bad days.  after I got them out of my system I would not go anywhere near a pharmacy I asked my loved ones to make sure I did not have access to them.  it has been hard but I wanted to beat this and you can to I quit them cold turkey I did not taper off them I just stopped taking them.  I have not had one in a month I know that its not been that long but I will continue to walk to the road of being drug free.  and if I can help anyone else I would love to our if I ever need help well you all know the drill.  
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This is really scaring me..all these stories here.  I asked my doctor to give me something else because I didn't want to take Norco's all this much.  I was on them on & off for 23 years...but the last 2 years on them daily--6-8 a day..last 2 months 6 day (spaced out within 24 hours).  He first was going to give me Ultram but I had heard on another one of my medical support sites that that was a dirty drug (meaning addiction risk). And everyone told me not to fear taking my Norco's because that is not half as bad as Ultrams.  I finally settled for a anti-inflammatory med. But dang, I am hurting so bad today it's not funny.  I have a chronic pain condition that supposedly is never going to improve; only get worse.

So one way for everyone to look at things with these drugs is: What is going to happen to you if you ever do get real sick & in real pain. What are you going to take if you keep abusing these meds now?  Be careful please.  Some of you are too young and have so much to live for. Not like me....

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I just read your comment and a very good one at that you are so right a lot of us are to young to be addicted to pain killers of any kind.  But most of us got that way for real reason's like me for example I did not wake up one day and say I think I will just start using.  I also have chronic pain.  a couple of years ago I worked in a factory lifting way more than I should for my small body and damaged my back for life and there is nothing the Dr's can do for it except pain meds.  I also suffer from migraine headaches I have been in the hospital twice over the darn things.   so needless to say that is where the pain medication came from I had asked my family dr to give me somthing that was not addictive and that is how the trammy's came in to my life I'm trying to learn how to deal with pain on a daily basis it is very hard but I'm doing not just for myself but for my family addiction is a strange road sometimes we are not sure how we get there but we manage to get there.  and you do have so much to live for never think that you don't.  even if its just something small like a sunset or a walk in a garden life is something else enjoy it to the fullest even if you do have terrible pain.  
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i stoped ct even though your not suppose to i just think its alot easier just to be done with it you know? im oveer two months clean and i feel normal you might think youll never feel normal againi but yeah you do i feel awsome you just havta hang in there i felt like junk the first 11 days then i went to work got my mind off of everything and the next day i felt great
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I've been riding the Tramadol Train for a couple years now.  I can't remember how I discovered it but I vaguely remember looking for a pain reliever a bit more potent than the OTC stuff probably because I strained my back or wanted something in the medicine cabinet for those ocassional mornings where I whooped it up too much the night before.

The stuff is very easy to get is the first problem.  Any online pharmacy will have an 'online doctor' write a script for it. One thing people need to remember to do is when they talk about this stuff, describe your dosage regimen.  The amount and duration you've taken it makes a world of difference for understanding your situation.

Over the past 2 years I've probably averaged taking 100mg once a day 4 or 5 out of 7 days a week.  I may have had a few 2 or 3 week stints that I took 150-200mg every day, but other times I've taken it only once a week.  Kind of all over the map.  Recently (last month, it's been 100mg every day, minimum, max 200.)  But I did notice that going cold turkey after taking at least 100mg a day for several days in a row, about 24 hours after my last dose I'd start to feel achey - no big surprise, and then 48 hrs I sort of would feel almost like I had mild flu symptoms and this really weird slight pain in my neck like I slept on my neck the wrong way the night before.  But felt okay after about 4 days.  But those 3 days were not fun, but not a nightmare either.  Now for someone taking 300-400+mg a day for a long time, those 3-4 days could be a lot tought I imagine.

The problem with Tramadol besides that it is easy to get and not very expensive is that it doesn't have a really pronounced 'high' feeling like the opiates do (Oxycontin, Hydrocodone, etc.) so you say to yourself, Whoa!  I better be careful with this stuff, it;s POTENT.  It just doesn't strike you like that.  It's more like an Extra Extra strength Tylenol.  At least for me.  But I did notice it gives you an energy boost sort of mild high and lifts your spirits (in addition to killing the pain.)  I read up on it and it does have mild anti-deppresant properties, sort of like low-dose Paxil.  It elevates your serotonin but not as much as the dedicated anti-depressant drugs.

So now, I've found myself several times a week taking 50-100mg in the morning, just like I'm having a cup of coffee and if I have a busy evening, maybe another 50-100mg in the afternoon to keep me going.  What I realized is I may be more dependent on the anti-depressant/energy boost properties than the pain relieving properties since I'm taking it sometimes when I don't have pain.  Yep, I'd say I'm mildly addicted/dependent.  But since it is cheap, and have demonstrated at 150mg a day on average I can get off it fairly easily (it's not a cake walk, but can be done), I've not been concerned about it.

For those trying to get off being on larger dosages or even lower dosages like me I recommend TAPER TAPER TAPER.  If you are taking 300mg a day (100mg X3), try to go to 250mg a day a week, then 200 the next, then 150, then 50 then off.  During that time, take some Extended Relief Tylenol to offset any aches and pains you may have.  Not sure though if you are taking 300mg if there would be liver issues taking a couple Tylenol too?  Check with your doctor.  

I would also recommend reading up on 5-HTP.  It's a natural supplement that is well documented as having anti-depressant properties.  Maybe start off taking 50mg twice a day to help offset the withdrawal from the anti-depressant properties of Tramadol (and thereby not going into depression) and then once you are off the Tram, come off the 5-HTP very gradually, maybe over a month or two.  Each individual's brain chemistry is different. You may need as some point 2 x 100 mg 5-HTP a day if you really start feeling depressed, but I wouldn't take more than that.  Some may not need feel depressed at all even without taking 5-HTP. Do some reading. Talk to your doctor and make your own decision.

But I think by tapering, supplementing with some long acting OTC pain meds (Tylenol, Aleve - have about same duration of action as Tramadol), and supplementing with some natural anti-depressant remedies 5-HTP (St. Johns Wort, etc.) it should make getting off it less difficult.  Not EASY, but put some thought into it, aka "A Plan" and you should be fine.

This is just my opinion based on my own experience.  I'm experimenting with the 5-HTP right now (so the jury is out as far as how effective it is, for me) as I've decided to take a Tramadol Vacation, a long one, and go back to only use it when I have severe pain as opposed to just helping me get through the day more cheerfully and/or avoiding the mild withdrawl symptoms when I periodically stop taking it.
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Hi, I have a question, new to tramadol, and I take 50mg 3 times a day,
but I also take lexapro 10mg. is it safe to mix the two? I have been reading post and some of them say the tramadol is  a low antidepresint? I am taking the trams to get off the vics, which really have helped with wd.
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i have been on tram for 2 years on and off. I just quit cold turkey again, and i feel very bad. I am on day 3 now and i am almost at the end of the tunnel. I have very bad back pain and meds are the only thing that i can take but, i want to stop with all meds and begin off freash without meds. I am going to begin the year without meds. i know, i can do it.
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There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I am at four weeks and I feel no more withdrawal pains.  
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