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Good morning all,
Not a good night for me last night.  We are having a heat wave here in southern ontario.  I would like to know if anyone has experienced only wanting to eat sugary things early in recovery?
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Good morning!! I'm sorry you didn't have a good night... It does get better. I've read alot of posts where people wanted chocolate, ice cream, cake, etc
.. Me? I was the odd ball and wanted steak all the time! Lol. Go figure huh.
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I didnt have a good night either. Day 2 of my sobriety and I have no appetite. And I'm really pissy
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Hey "Rootin-Rosy",
You sound like such a little fire-cracker, such spirit.  Thanks for the input.
Lol, no, no steak for me; I'm a vegetarian. Stay positive. :o} Spider
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LMAO!! Good thing you aren't craving steak then my friend! That would pose an entire different problem! Lol
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Heck yeah! I've eaten so many sugary things in the past 42 days! I've, also, developed quite the dark chocolate addiction!

I'm not sure if there's any rhyme or reason behind it in relation to detoxing but I've kept hard candies and chocolate on-hand daily. Hey, keep brushing your teeth and flossing and substituting candy for pills seems okay in my opinion:)!
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HD2C just reminded me of how badly I wanted candy in the first few days! Ha! She would tell me about the different kinds of hard candies she had at work... I had totally forgotten that.....
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