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dizzy spells after smoking roxis

I smoke pills Roxi 30 mg, daily and lately when i hold in my hit and exhale my head makes that wawawa sound my vission gets blurry, if i stand up ive collapsed ywice it scares me cause its happening alot more im afraid i might be sezuriering are atleast close to it. help?
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This is like the guy who goes to the doctor and says "It hurts when I do this" and the doctor says "So, don't do that". Get where I'm going?

I am fairly certain that the bottle the pills came in does not read "Smoke every 4 hours if needed".

I think you need to take a serious look at what you are doing hun---you are young and you are killing yourself. Figure out how you want to stop and we will guide you through it.

In the meantime, if those symptoms continue, get to thee ER immediately!!! Better yet, call 911.

Let us know you are okay.
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ok thanks and im working on getting clean but its not an easy thing to do ive been using from13 shooting heroin n im 28 and SSDD same **** different day
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I know it's not easy but many of us here have done it, or are working on doing it. So you are in the right place.

It's going to take a lot to get clean and even more to STAY clean. Let us know what you decide and we'll be happy to share our experience, strength and hope with you.

Stick around...
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Hey yeah I agree with IBKLEEN, Its so dangerous smoking those pills right next to shooting them up. I live in fl too and the pills are very rampant. But if I can get clean you can. I am 26 days clean. Never give up. I admit I have smoked lortabs in blunts and its was very scary. I got light headed, very. It was scary cause its such an intense high compared to swallowing them. Be careful that is very dangerous. I was on roxis too but snorted them thank god didnt get worse. Keep your head up.
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thank u, the longest i have been clean since i was 11 years old (shooting herion by 13) now im 28 and the longest ive stayed clean was 22 months a little over 2 years ago. those 22 months i was the happiest i have ever been, and i kno it is MUCH harder to stay clean then it is to get clean so thanks for the support
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So you know what it takes to get clean just a matter of doing it. Yeah thats true alot of triggers and obstacles to work around to stay clean that makes sense. Your welcome. I hope go back to getting clean and pass that 22 month date. One day and one decision at a time.
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Have you thought about any type of recovery care?  Getting clean is the easy part, staying clean is the hard one.  You will learn the tools you need to live a healthy clean life.  Dig deep within yourself and come out fighting.  You are worth it~~~~~sara
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