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does prosac help with an addicts depression.

i was wondering about the depression addicts go through,
and if prosac is an option that works, also is there anyone who has taken meds for this type of depression
and what is there experence.
i have read so much about how  drugs have a negitive effect on our brains, and how there may be some damage.
my personal experence is that the depression go's away
within a year after we stop useing,
but i have found that the winter months have brought about a pretty strong depression even after being clean for 5 and 10 years.

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TY Phil and Cindi for making us able to post 2 quesiton!
Hippeee...hugs to you hon!
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The anxiety/depression is the worst for me, much worse than any physical pain.

I seem to have bouts of anxiety, followed by depression, but I can tell you this; The three worst days of my life were when I tried Prozac, paxil, and then remerol for these symtpoms.

They seemed to amplify the symptoms. I am sticking with excercise, positive thinking, and the very occasional Klonopin for the tough anxiety days.

Hoping these are fewer and fewer as the days away from drugs grow. I sometimes have the "what's the point of life" type feeling, but know that is just a lie. The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. IMO, if I am not doing that, and reminding myself of that, I should not be suprised when i get that pointless feeling.

As my doc always says, "its great to get off the pills, but you have to replace it with something". I have been exercising and spending time with my family, more Bible study and Tennis on my good days. Hope this helps.

In God's Grace

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Meant last post to Michael/Everyone...

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I am in terrible pain now.  My head.
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Sorry to hear that, what are taking and in what amounts?

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Hey, I hope and pray you are doing better my friend.

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