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doing good

Just letting everyone know i'm on my third day and doing as well as can be expected. The first day I slept all day and night, the second day could not sleep at all, today I just tried to keep busy but dont think i'm going to sleep very well, back hurts, cold chills. Still have a good attitude and am not going to break. My wife is supporting me ( still mad at me. ) Dont blame her at all for being mad. She loves me very much and would do anything for me.

                                                                               Thanks for listening Poolscout
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lucky you poolscout.  alot of ppl in your shoes are not so lucky...their spouse dont supprt them or leaves.  glad you are doing well and staying bust is the best thing you can do.  and its valentines soon so do something special for her for being there for you!!!!!!  LOL
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GREAT to hear man.Keep it up im also onday 3 WE are gonna get through this ****.Good news w/the wife thats awsome and kudos to her.I agree w/cathy on the V day thing>I know this will be the best one for my fiance.;}Keep up the good work.

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Keep it up, your doing great! Mad at you is fine, who cares she loves you and she is there for you. You got this. Let us know how you make out tonight.
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Oh yeah..HOT showers and soaks in ebson salt do tremendous for the aches and chills do them often..Ive had over 5 today.It does help.try otc sleep aid and or Nyquil for sleep  
and Imodium Ad if you need I know I did...god did I..lol..very happy for you..:)
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I am sooo glad you are doing well . With love and trust and time you hopefully you two will work threw this .Just remember how important recovery care is going to be .It takes a lot of time to undo addictive habits . Recovery is long term.
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