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doing great!!!

I have been taking Hydros about 40 to 50 mgs a day, which does not sound like much to me, compared to alot of people, for about 6 months every day,  I took them for my lower back pain.  I have been off for almost a week now, and feel great.  I have a script for Tramodol, but have only taken 2 since i got them last week.  I a. only going to take them, if I am hurting very badly!  I will take tylenol in between.  I felt bad for 4 days and now I am much better.  I should have read what hydro could do, if taken on a daily basis, but did not.  I only took 4 pills a day, sometimes 5.  This is why I found it hard to believe I was dependent on them.  The way some people take them, handfuls at a time, would scare me to death!  Just do not take them on a long term basis!!!  Get off soon and you should be fine!   I have learned alot from this site, thanks to all who have given advise and who care.  God Bless You All!!!!!!!!
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Congrats on the 4 days. But not sure if trading hydros for tramodol is a good idea. Cant you get addictied to them just as easy as hydro's? Just wondering?
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yes,but I am not going to take them unles I am in bad pain!  i can tuff it out with just tylenol.  I also am going to the gym to stengthen my back.  I an not trading drugs!  They are there in case of severe pain, which like I said, I can deal with.  I refuse to go through WD ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I have Faith and will accomplish it!!!  Good Luck to you

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good luck to you too. I tried having hydros in my house i told myself that i would only take them if i really needed to. Cuz my wisdom teeth are coming in! But that didnt work out so well one turned into another and now the bottle is gone. and here i am back at day 2! I hope ur stronger than me! How did you get into taking the hydros in the first place if you dont mind me asking?
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i was addicted to morph, for the longest time before that hydros... which id your drug, the wd from hydros are farrrrrrrrrrr better than that of morphine!! lasts about 3-4 days the morph, like 7-10 days and are ten times worse! good for you!!!!!!!!!!!1
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I'm so glad your feeling better, good luck to you!!!
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I am so gald to hear, I am on day 6 and finally see thru the fog!  I appreciate readding your notes, it gave me support.
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Hey, I am doing fairly well.  I have good days and bad ones.  I think alittle depression goes along with it.  I still have pain in my back, and try to deal with it best can.  I take tylenol and if it get really bad, I reach for one tramodal.  I can honestly say i have only taken 5 since I got them!  Trying by best to get back to normal!!!
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of course u know to be safe with those trams...it is great u r doing so well....ibuprophen often works better than tylenol especially if u have inflammation which often people to when it comes to back pain...ice is great too...glad u r trying alternative methods for pain control...keep moving forward
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Hi ! I went from hydros. to Tramadol in my early days with painmeds. I ran out one day when i was on hydros. and was uncomfortable for about 2 days and went in to my doc and asked him if there is something else that would help with my pain. Not knowing nothing about pain meds. He gave me Tramadol instead of the vicodin which first did not work for me  so ended up increasing my dose to 6 50mg a day. When i was on vics. i took 6 5/500 aday. Of course i ran out of Tramadol and not knowing you were suppose to taper off the Tramadol i went in to severe whitdrawls for 1 month. This is the worst med. i ever been on.I been on Vicodin 5/500-7.5/750, Percoset,Ms contin,fentanyl and now on going off Suboxone. Be very careful with Tramadol my doc did not think they were addicting so i took them thinking no problems anymore. It also did not work on my pain very well. I will never ever take Tramadol again. Just my 2 cents. Thanks f1swede
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My girlfriend is addicted to it now as well..was a hydro addict...she takes more like 12-18 a day tho...but the depression kills her when she runs out..it is really pitiful to watch..just know u need to be safe with that drug as u may not even feel high and get addicted
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