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dont know how to go about this

21 female ive been taking vicodin unperscribed for about 2-3 years...theyre just so easy to find..sometimes im not even looking for them and i come across them and even if i resist the temptation at first i already kno where they are so i end up goin back n getting them..none of my friends know this about me and no one in my family knows this about me but I am high all the time and I don't like it anymore. I just want to be sober and I've already forgotten how that feels..i recently started school two days a week been goin for three weeks so far and im doin good..when I go to school im high, and I'm scared of withdrawing now while I'm going to school cuz I have to give PowerPoint presentations and speeches and I can't be goin thru withdrawals!!...yesterday was the first day I didn't have vicodin and I got scared cuz I can't speak right, I cant move right im so irritated and depressed its so horrible that I messed my self up like this..i take adivan 20 mg 3 times a day..prozac..and gabapation like 600 mg per day for energy..the gab is only prescribed 300 mg for me but I find the good big pills right alongside the vicodon..adivan and Prozac ARE my prescriptions..i guess I just wanna kno what to tell my doctor cuz I can't be living like this
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Hey.. Welcome to the forum! You are so young and I am so glad you realize it's a problem now before it takes your entire life from you.
I can't advocate replacing one drug with another. As addicts we have to learn how to do this on our own without the aide of drugs. How much Vicodin were you taking per day?
I say brace yourself for a case of the "flu" and get it over with. We can walk you through the withdrawals and give you some ways to make it easier.
Now you are on day 2 without any??? How are you feeling??
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This is going to sound ridiculous, but it worked for my sister. She bought weed. Every time she started to get sick, she'd smoke. She had no withdrawal symptoms.
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