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drinking alcohol while being prescribed to saboxone

I am prescribed to saboxone because of my addiction to oxycontin for 4 years..I have been prescribed and have been taking the saboxone for a few months now..my question is..Is it reccomended that I should not drink alcohol while taking the saboxone?Is it not good to drink alcohol while being on saboxone?Are there any side effects if I do drink alcohol mixing it with the saboxone?
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It is never a good idea to mix alcohol with any opiates as it is a deadly combination.
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No.  You don't want to do that at all!
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why go to all the trouble to get off pills, then start drinking. love the skin you are in! we all rock just the way we are. peace
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if you are an addict exspecially one on a matance drug its a really bad idea to use another drug .what recover care are you getting
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Hey , just kinda stumpled on to this site trying to find out about subonox for my problem with opana . Opana is fairly new stuff , some form of morphine I believe . I've been on and off it for about 3 years now . Currently taking 2 / 30mg per day .... well that's what is prescribed anyway . About
6 months ago I discovered how to snort it and that has led to quite a problem with enjoying it too much . I was never into pills , I am a recovering alcoholic 10 years and way back in the day I use to snort my fair share of coke in the 80's and 90's . A year ago my left leg was amputated above the knee and the real pain and phantom pain which is very real by the way has been excruciating at times , especially when I try to sleep . Opana has been the only thing that has worked to relieve my pain and I've tried a lot of things before going back to opana . I'm just looking for some advice I guess about subonox . I keep running out of the opana before it's time to get my new script and the withdrawals are really freaking bad . Where can I get subonox ?
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Hi opanman,

It would be best if you started your own post so members do not get confused about who is talking to who but since you are here...

The medication you are taking is Opana which IS a Morphine derivative. The amount you are taking is not high, relatively speaking. If you are taking it for legitimate pain and it is working then that is wonderful. However, snorting it is addictive behavior and surely it does not state on the bottle "Snort every 4 hours if needed for pain" so you know something is wrong right there. If you want to be pill free you can ct off of the Opana and we can help you with home remedies and such.

Suboxone should not be prescribed for your situation. It is a program that needs to be followed along with counseling and other support systems. You WILL have to withdraw from it and when you do, you will need to be ready. Unlike what people think, it is NOT a miracle pill.

I think you should start your own post as I said, let us get to know you and listen to the members who have done the Suboxone program. Think carefully and do a lot of research before you make the decision.

Best of luck.
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opana is the devil, it has ruined my spirit and soul. i have the greatest wife that a man could ask for and 2 angel kids with a great house and job. my family was in severe car accident last year and i had to have back surgery which wasnt that bad but what killed me was when i started to misuse opana 40mg 3 times a day and now i am such a different horrible person that doesnt treat my wife the way she deserves to be treated and have become a average father which is so dissapointing to me because i was a great husband and father. please listen to my advice opana is the devil and if you take it take it as prescribed dont do what i have done...withdrawals are impossible to do on your own i have tried to kill myself and didnt get the nife far enough in my chest, i am living such a fuck9ejf lie to myself and my family....listen dont be stupid like me.........god is the way out and i am counting on him now more then ever...
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I am on suboxone and it is not safe to drink with the suboxone. It can cause your respiratory to slow down and if this happens there is a chance of possible death. Remember that suboxone is a very strong addictive narcotic itself, drinking while on suboxone could cause you your life. Is a drink worth that?
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