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drug abuser.. Medical Record

I have been abusing drugs (hydrocodone and Percocet) for a while now.. I would get my hydrocodone from my pain dr and when I would run out too soon would go see a few other drs to get a hydrocodone cough syrup to last.. I did that the last year. Now, my pain dr has me on percocets and I have done the same thing.. my family dr just mailed me a certified letter 2 weeks ago saying she was dismissing me as a patient.. I am worried she wrote that on my record.. I saw my pain dr last week and he cut my percocets down a little more.. I have an appointment to see him next week bc its just not helping with the pain. I am worried she wrote in my record and he is slowly trying to dismiss me as well. I am now ONLY getting medication from my pain dr and im doing my best to not abuse it. How can I get that off of my medical record? Just with time? Not getting pain meds from more than one doctor? Will it ever get off of my record? Could she have reported me? If so what will happen??
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You are not going to get this off of your record.  I don't think you were reported otherwise your pain doctor would have dropped you but I wouldn't swear to that.  The best thing you can do is be honest, tell the truth.  You are an addict hun.  This happens to all of us and we all get caught eventually.

Think about being honest and getting off the opiates okay?
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Might be a good time to get help.  I don't think people will answer about the record because this forum is about people trying to stop and supporting them. If you're abusing there is a bigger problem. It won't get better and now that you've been caught dr shopping it's only a matter of time. Would you consider getting help?
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Yes, I want help.. However, I got help after having back surgery and was clean for a while.. then relapsed after being diagnosed with Intercistial cystitis.. which is very painful.. I am in pain daily.. I am scared if my husband finds out I have relapsed, he will leave me and take my 2 young children.. im scared to death and don't know what to do
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read my above comment.. What should I do? Like I said I REALLY AM IN PAIN DAILY.. However I DO take more than I should.. I am lost.. and terrified
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I too am in pain daily but I stopped taking narcotic pain medication because I also took more than I should and my life became unmanageable. Doctor shopping is a big deal and punishable under the law. No one here can say whether or not you are in trouble at this point. But I do think you need help getting clean before something does happen. Oddly enough most of us found that our pain was manageable with alternative methods once we stopped using. Have you ever stopped for some time and assessed your pain level? Are you willing to get honest with your doctor and discuss alternatives?
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the thing i would be worrying about is felony charges for dr shopping.  
can you think of any other reason your dr would send you a certified letter dismissing you??  i cannot.

i cannot even believe you got away with it for as long as you did with the new measures in place to prevent it.  but, what is done is already done.

if you face legal charges then you will be forced to go into treatment or jail.  
you admit you abuse them, so i would strongly suggest thinking hard about treatment.

i too live in a great deal of pain everyday, but a life on opiates is not really a life at all.

it is possible that the dea contacted your family dr before the pain dr, so they were unaware at your last appt.  the fact that he lowered your meds leads me to think they may be tapering you.

you cannot ever get that mark off of your records.  sometimes people who did nothing wrong at all get red flagged.  they didn't dr shop, but had a malfunctioning UA test that caused them to be flagged.  

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What should I do about my husband possibly leaving me? Can I get off on my own? I am trying to taper off myself..
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I can't give you advice about your husband...I don't know him and I won't take the responsibility of giving the wrong advice.  All I know is with my husband...we have an honesty policy...as long as we are honest with each other we don't give each other grief about whatever problem it is.

You can choose to taper (we don't give tapering advice here) or you can detox yourself (if you have heart issues I don't recommend doing it without the help of a doctor).  If you detox we would be more than happy to advise you and support you.

I was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis...it is the most painful thing I've ever dealt with in my 55 years...including surgery.  I did it without opiates.  We have to make the choice to admit we are addicts, get off the drugs, get into aftercare and find other ways to deal with the pain.

I hope you make the right decisions!
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I have to agree..honesty is the best way to go. If your husband does go then you didn't have much of a relationship to begin with. It would be easier if you have his love and support through all of this.
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you have to look at this as the end of the road.  the jig is up.  
you have no choice but to come clean to your husband because you are going to need his support.  not just to detox, that will be the easy part, but for all the other possible ramifications.  
you are not in florida are you???  hope not.

you will look back on this in a year and see it as a blessing.  honestly you will.  i was not kidding when i said i live in daily pain, but revolving my life around a pill is not an option.  i hated it.  

if you don't stop you will regret all the time lost for the pills that could have been spent on your child.

like i said, detoxing will be the easy part.  i would really seek a doctor's help with tapering (if possible, some cannot taper) and to prescribe you clonidine (if you can take it. it is a blood pressure med and the dr will know if you can take it or not), it really helps with withdrawals.

search on here or google for the thomas recipe.  stock up on all the stuff as it really does make a world of difference.

keep posting if you need support getting clean. otherwise, you may try the pain management forum
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oh and to answer your question- could she have reported me?
when someone gets a narcotic medication they are entered into a program to watch you basically.  when you get more medication from different doctors that throws up red flags and alerts the DEA.  
they then look at all the doctors, pharmacies, medications, etc you have had filled over the past year or so.  when they see dr shopping they contact ALL doctors and pharmacies.  they then report it to the district attorney to see if they want to file charges.
i don't know if i am explaining this right or not.  very sick right now. so i apologize if i said it wrong.
this is a felony.  each script is a separate felony.  
the absolute best way to avoid jail is to enter a treatment facility. do 90 NA or AA meetings in 90 days, etc.  get proactive in getting the help you need.  if you didn't need help you would not have dr shopped, you would have just told the pain doctor your current meds were not working.
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I checked with a friend of mine who does medical law stuff.  She said if you got a certified letter you are probably in some kind of trouble.  At the very least the doctor knows you have been doctor shopping.  Since it was certified she is covering her butt so she doesn't get in trouble with the DEA.  Once a doctor is informed of doctor shopping they have no choice but to drop the patient.

If your family doctor has been informed then the pharmacies and your pain mgmt doctor will also be informed, if they have not already been informed.

Your one and only way to try to avoid charges and possibly jail is to immediately start on the getting clean process.  Get off the opiates, start going to NA meetings every day if you can.  If your insurance covers it see if you can get into detox/inpatient therapy.  If your insurance does not cover that then see if you can see an addiction counselor.

Do absolutely everything you can so IF the police decide to press charges you can show the judge that you are doing everything you can to solve the problem...which is addiction.  She also said you may not hear anything right away.  In Florida a woman did doctor shopping, got caught....and didn't have the police on her doorstep for 5 months.  I'm assuming that is because she was in Miami so they had a lot of other files before her.

I'm sorry to scare you BUT I think you should be scared right now.  Scared Straight I hope.

If you decide to do the right thing and get off the opiates and decide to go Cold Turkey please let us know.  We will be happy to advise and support you throughout the process.

You will be in my prayers!
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Lots of good advice here. It was personally helpful to me to read from other members that they live with pain on a daily basis, and do so successfully without opiate pain meds.
My chronic pain is deep in my messed up back. I do 30-45 minutes daily of Pliates core exercises that are specifically for people with compromised backs. Tens, jacuzzi, hesting pads,...,
So this morning I was feelng a little sorry for myself. Went to work anyway.

I know it is strange to say I feel better at this moment, because I know many of you out there are fighting the same lonely battle with chronic pain, and who like me, don't dare to use pain meds because we are addicts and can not take them responsibly. I am personally coming to doubt the efficacy of narcotic medication for long term pain treatment-even for folks who only become dependant.

So Clueless41990, when you step back and reread this list you wrote of awful things that are, or might happen to you, ask yourself what is the singlemost likely cause?

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Thank you all so much. Like I said as of now I am trying my best to taper off on my own.. I know my family dr very well so I am really hoping and praying she hasn't reported me just being safe and dropping me.. This has scared me (CLEARLY or I wouldn't be here) I am doing my hardest to get clean! How can I detox? I need advice on that as well!! With my husbands job, he is gone almost everyday therefore I am pretty much a single mother of 2 that does everything.. I really feel like I just use this to cover up ALOT of emotional things I have been through and continue to go through (mainly abuse and abandonment and sexual abuse from my father) however being a single mom isn't easy either while still dealing with issues from my father. Not saying that's an excuse but I am saying ive struggled a lot and need help.. I haven't gotten any and no one knows..Please give me advice. Is it better to detox or taper while dealing with 2 kids (one 5 and one 1) alone.. Thanks for ALL the great advice!!
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Read above comment
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Read above comment :)
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read above comment
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We can't give tapering advice here since we are not medical doctors.  What I can say to you is throw away all your narcotices...destroy them so you can't take them back out and take them.  Destroy all names and numbers of people who supply you with drugs (if you have something like that going on).

Once you've done that come back, start a new question stating that your are starting to CT and need help with withdrawals.  We all will be more than happy to help you with support and advice.

Here are some additional items you will need:

Lots of fluids, water, gatorade (don't get dehydrated)
Iimmodium A/D (a must!!!)
Zantac for the tummy
Melatonin to help with sleep
Chocolate to help with the brain pleasure center
Hyland's Restless Legs tablets
Cal-Mag-Zinc 3 in 1 vitamin
A good Vitamin B complex to help with energy, my favorite is either B-12 injectable or the sublingual B-12 (very cheap at Walmart)
Easy to fix meals....grab foods..health stuff like bananas, crackers, etc.

Search here in the forum for Thomas' Recipe.  Lots of great suggestions there too.

Once you've gotten rid of the drugs and picked up your detox survival kit items come back and start a new question stating that you are detoxing and need help.  We will be more than happy to support you throughout the whole process.

Our wonderful Gnarly would and probably will tell you to be okay with not being okay for a while.

Is there anyone in the family who could help with the kids for a couple of days?  Usually the worst days are days 3 thru 5...hard to tell which of those days it will be for you.  We can't always predict...sometimes people hit that bad day faster...some it takes longer.

You will be in my prayers.  I hope you make the right decision for yourself and for your children.

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Here I go again.  I always forget something lol.  If you know your family doctor really well and you got a certified letter and not a personal phone call...well that is not good at all.  You've been reported by someone, somewhere....otherwise your doctor would have at least had you come in and talked to you about the situation.  Your doctor is covering their butt.....and the only reason to do that is someone is checking out either their records or yours!

Okay, I know someone who last year was undergoing treatment and would get a prescription from his family doctor and another one from his G.I. doc.  He filed both prescriptions every month for 6 months.  I think it was Walgreen's pharmacy that caught him.  He said Walgreen's called his doctor and that his doctor covered for him.  Had his doctor not covered for him Walgreen's would have reported him to the DEA, his doctor would have dropped him as a patient, etc etc.  Anyway, he spent a weekend freaked out.  Called us about 20 times I think.  I finally convinced him to go see his doctor on Monday.  He told me as soon as the doctor walked in he asked him if he was going to jail.  The doctor said no....but if it was anyone else yes you would be...the only reason you aren't is because you would die in jail.  (He passed away 4 months later).

In other words...in extreme circumstance a doctor might work with you but it has gotta be life or death.  Otherwise they are going to make sure they don't lose their medical license and business....that is more important to them than you going to jail.
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I suggest that anyone on narcotic pain meds be prepared for the worse (or better if your abusing). The laws are changing everywhere. In Nevada now anyone getting pain meds must sign a contract with rules including,meds from ONE Dr. period, random testing or every 3 months depending on the Dr., the Dr. can call you on any given day and have you bring your pills to his office and counted, one pharmacy only. If the Dr. giving you oxycodone (Percocet) and you test positive for that AND hydrocodone your gone and vice versa. Also about your Dr. giving you less, if that happens here it means he"s being nice and giving you enough to wean off but your gone. Times are changing big time and most Drs value their license to practice over your pain, don't blame them blame the dea and politicians
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I havew to agree with all of the above.
You have to be honest to everyone. The detox is over and done soon but it is staying clean is when the work really begins..SUPPORT is a number one key to success of staying clean. I have been here for awhile to see lots of people afraid to tell their spouse..BUT when they did it was the biggest weight off their shoulder. You will need some out side support too.
Just keep drinking TONS of water and eat very healthy. Start the vit/min as they will take time to kick in and build your immune system up.
I too was in so much pain for Years. I came clean 2 years this month and I have not felt the pain I always did while I was on pain meds.

Also..Back in the 90s I got a letter like that from my Dr saying she let me go..I asked why and it was she thought I was calling in for meds to often. Well I should of listen because the next 16 was all I lived for and even played the game to get the Methadone prescribed becasue the oxys/hydo where not lasting long enoght..ha!
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DARN THING!! It sent it before I could proof read back!!!
I just want you to know that you should take all of this as a good ol wake up call and know they are getting better at prescribing these meds these days..We might get mad but it does save are life's in the long run..Only speaking for Addicts who have no control. My hats off to those who can take them right..
You can find other things to use for pain in a more natural way..Even food, herbs or vit.min,,Maybe something OTC will help..I sure do Pray all works out OK and that you have the Support to get off this merry-go-round.
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