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drug testing

i just recently took some vicodins after getting a couple of teeth pulled out and i'am currently drug testing after 2 pills i stopped taking but am wondering how long before the opiates are out your system?
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3 days
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drink 2 shots vinigar and water like a gallon gets it out quicker.
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Is there a reason why you dont want them in your system? i would talk with your docter about it, but i will say that if you are testing for a job etc.. your docter can let them know that they were presrcibed and you had teeth pulled. I cant see why anyone would not be understanding of that.
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If the prescription is in your name you have absolutely every legitimate right to have those in your system.  They may want to wait to hire you until you are no longer taking them for saftey reasons etc, but cannot hold a hiring process out of your reach due to having them in your system.  
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It really depends on how fast your metabolism is but yeah green eyed mama is right...it typically takes 3 days or 72 hours for it to be totally out of your system...you can cut that in half if you chug two gallons of water...don't frink vinegar or anything like that...thats just foolish...just like the "cap of bleach" theory....just drink tons of water...thats the best for cleansing your body...Good luck :)
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Who the hell would drink bleach,I know lots of people done the vinager thing and yes it does work i have done it,but i also happend to have a whole bunch of drug test on hand! If you get a note from your doctor it wont matter.
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yeah doing the bleach thing is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of but there are alot of people dumb enough to try it and then trick themselves into thinking it works....vinegar might work but not any better than water...you can ask any doctor and i'm sure they will agree...All the vinegar does differently than water is leaves a nasty *** taste in your mouth lol
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i dont underestand why anyone would "lie" about it anyways? the truth eventually comes out no matter what. maybe just not in so many words.
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