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excessive white wine

I've been drinking about 3 - 6 glasses of white wine every day. I figure it's not so bad because the amount of alcohol is low. But yet I've been having loose, yellowish stools. Any thoughts?
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It's usually a sign that your liver is having a tough time (gastrointestinal distress) Google 'yellow stool' and you will learn much. The next stage is pale light grey or even white stool which is well in the dange zone. With yellow stool, if you stop your wine or cut way down your liver will recover mostly or fully but you need to do it soon. This is the 'Substance Abuse Forum' and you probably should go to 'Alcoholism' Forum, best to you !!
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Hi charlenkt, the alcoholism forum will be very helpful for you, but one thing, the color of your stools do indicate that your liver is starting to have a rough time, and it could be getting close to shutting down. My father passed from this disease and I remember my mother talking about this too to my father whenever he had problems and then his liver failed completely, it was a bad mess to say the least. Please see a doctor real soon, this is very serious saying the least, good luck, god bless, mike in nc
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