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how do people get addicted to extacy????
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THe same way people get addicted to pills, alcohol, heroin...consistantly taking them on a recreational basis as Exstacy is not a prescribed med. E is made with all different things and each pill is different from the next as far as its contents. All depends...

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I used to do alot of that....and the only time i realllllly wanted more is when i was coming down THEN i felt addicted but as far as wanting them all the time when i was sober...no. But they do contain all sorts of drugs that are addictive and everyone is different so maybe if they are weak then they feel like they are addicted....
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My brother did extacy and he became suidically depressed when he didn't take it.  I've heard it eats holes in your brain!  I don't know if that was a scare tactic or not but it's some scary stuff.  
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Like you guys all said there all diffrent. but the feeling you get is usually pretty close to the same. you get addicted to the feeling it gives you . Makes you feel like everything around you is amazing. & when your not on it. after a while . you start to feel like lifes not what it seems. & you just want to be happy again . & the only way to do so is to feel that high again, again & again . Then you know your addicted .
If you dont want to get addicted stay away from it. period. it depends on the person but 1 hit can hook you on it . There is side effects to it. ( not sure about it eating holes in your brain, if so its scary for sure ! ) .. but you will have a decrese in appatite & have trouble sleeping. other things may occure . but im not gunna get into details .
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