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family and friends

Why does our addiction turn us away from family and friends?
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Because we only think about our addiction.

I'm having fun with my husband tonight.  I'm having drinks with him and listening to our favorite tunes and talking.... Something I haven't done in a long, long time.  

Pills are evil and must be destroyed.
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Because it controls your life PERIOD!  Nothing else matters when someone is addicted to a physicaly dependant drug.  ***** doesn't it?
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yeah it controlled me and took me away from everything and everyone i know...i even found myself pulling away from my girlfriend and family.  my friends..the first time spoke to them in months was this week since i stopped..it controls everything in your life wich is why its got to end..
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Your absolutley right. I just need to get better.
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Thank you for you input all this helps so very much.
Good luck to you.
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It is good to know things are getting better for you. I am so excited about getting clean. All this family stuff will be gone in a few days and I will then quit taking my vicodin. I took 3.5 today and even played golf. I am somewhat suprised. Enjoy your evening.

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