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family intervention

As some of u read yesterday i was in alot of pain.so instead of getting a pill i took a valium and went to bed..and wouldn't my luck have it my mom and dad decided to drop by lastnight of all nights lol...my husband had told me he would take care of the kids so i could go to bed so i was asleep...my mom barges into my bedroom screaming "what is wrong with u ?everytime i talk to u or call your in bed" i was like "mom tonite is not a good night can we do this tommorrw?" of course that lead to us screaming at each other and my admitting that i had been addicted to pain pills for 4 yrs....that led her to calling me a drug addict and a sorry mother..told u she wouldnt understand lol...well anyway they left after threatening to put me in rehab even though i told her i had been clean for over 2 weeks....so my dad calls after they get home and she goes to bed....he tells me that about 8 yrs ago he himself had an addiction to pain pills and he told me he knew what i was going thru etc....gave me some encouraging advice(hes a preacher btw) made me feel alot better...said he was gonna tell my mom this morning about his past addiction so maybe she would know that no one is above this demon...maybe she will understand better because she and i cant talk without screaming at each other always been that way lol....just thoguth id tell u guys about that...and let u know i was strong and didnt get a pill....love u all .....god bless
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It's funny how things workout isn't it.?  An addict lives in all of us, it just needs something to wake it up.

I am so proud of you for not taking.  How are you feeling today?  Love and Strength to you!
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OMG..what a story! I got chills. You didn't know about your dad? It is great that see that some good came from your dad's experience and that he is now able to help, support and understand you.

As far as your mom---give her time to process it. She is probably going through a host of feelings. As a mom I would imagine one of those feelings is guilt. She is probably wondering where SHE went wrong. She didn't go wrong. This is your disease and hopeful between you and your dad, she will come to understand that.

Take care of yourself and keep going forward. Thanks for the post.
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physically alot better but emotionally not so good....i hurt my mom i know called her names etc...they had never heard me cuss at all and boy was i letting it rip lastnight  lol...i need to apologize to her i know but im gonna wait on my dad to c if he can deal with her better she scares me  lol....how r u doing today? i think about u alot....we just have to hang in there i guess...love nd strength to u also my friend....
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WOW!!!  how weird things `can happen...you know i think of this with 4 kids, and i may have the same converstaion that your dad had with you, with them...Scary thought...But only an addict can truly understand another...So glad he is 8 yrs clean. and can help you..
this is probably going to be a big change for you and him, a very good supporter too.

Well let your mom cool off and let your dad talk to her, please take care of yourself...I pray your pain goes away soon..
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no i had no clue...he said he had to taper and that he was proud of me for going ct...he cried i cried i just wish he had said that when they were here but he said he had to think it thru...he could lose alot of peoples trust if this got out i suppose.....my dad has always been more understanding than my mom....its not her fault at all would kill me to think she thinks it is.....hadnt thought about that...it's just that yesterday i was hurting so bad i shouldnt have taken that out on her...its not her fault its no ones fault but my own....she even accused my husband of getting me hooked on them...shes the type that always thought nothing could be my fault even after i would admit stuff ...lol...how r u doing btw? everything ok? take care of yourself too hang in there  
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Your mom sounds like mine.  She's a 4' 11" stick of dynomite.  I'm 6' 1" and 175 lbs of lean muscle, but there's no way in hell I would mess with her without some safe running distance.  We've had it out a few times and in the heat of an arguement things are said that we later regret.  It's always brought us closer though.

Definitely wait until your dad talks to her and explains that this does not discriminate.  Anyone can fall victim to addiction even by no fault of their own.  When she calms down she will be much more understanding and helpful.  Let her know that you love her and need her for support.  This will bring back all those motherly instincts that she may have forgotten.

I'm glad to hear you're not in as much pain today.  I think of you too and am praying for you everyday.  Hang in there darlin' you're doing great!
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