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felling freaky

whats up everyone i wrote few days ago about some thing i was wondering about some feelings i have been getting my shortnes of breath allways having to take deep breaths my facial muscles are freaking my face feels like or shall i say acts like i did cocain. Ive been doing pills for 15 years from a back pain and turned into recreational i have been taking 5 to 7 some times 9 perc 10/325 a day
and still on them but now it like 3 to 5 a day 3 at once then 2 at once i dont no if its just the pills or my stress that another story im going through a ruff marriage a non supporting wife in anythng i do and if she new i had a problem for get about it so i am in a low at work in my marriage in everyaspect of my life and the only thing i have that make me feel halfway decent is the pills so i dont now if its the pils making me feel this way or if its the stress please can someoone give some input greatly appreciated shortness of breath or its like always having to take a deep breath,pain in my lower back and my face thing the muscles thanks for the advice in advance
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maybe the shortness of breath could be a cold , or bronchitis? i can hardly breathe right now , went to doc and its bronc... i thought i was gonna pass out last night because i couldnt breathe. i think if i was you i would go see my doctor, and not get any addicting pills.
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I would go see your doc...agree with newmgt...I do not know how old u r but sob can be a sign of other health problems...are you WDing from the pills with a taper?  Is your plan to eventually quit?  I never had any facial jumping while on pills, stress can cause lots of weird stuff..this i know...go see ur doc and let us know what he says
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it sounds like you are experiencing panic attacks...go and see the doctor and im sure he/she will be able to give you something to help you.. failing that, in the meantime.... you need to put your head in between your legs to clear the airways better and use a paper bag....to breath into and out again..... xoxox
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