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fentanyl lollipop withdrawal

Has anyone gone thru withdrawal of the fentanyl lollipop 400mcg?  I want to gradually wean, but don't know how fast I should push it, and money is a real concern so I can't delay.  I've been taking 5 to 6 ea  of 400mcg each day for almost 4 yrs.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  I've asked my dr to get off but she wants me to switch to Oxycotin.....I feel like I'd be jumping from the pan into the fire.  I want off this stuff and see where I'm at w/the the pain.

Thanks for any advice out there!  I've written down Thomas's recipe in case I have to go cold turkey.
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Wow! You are a smart egg! I bet Drs that have personal experience with pain meds are not so quick to send you off with an oxy script. Not if they care about you at least. You are so right to check your pain level before changing up. It may be some weeks of discomfort but I personally don't recommend you ever start with the oxy unless you expect not to live very long. If you are hoping to get off the suckers my guess is you are expecting to live so stay in the pan and turn done the fire! Just see how low you can taper and keep us all informed. I am so happy to here from someone before they get in to deeper trouble!!!
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Thanks for your response.  I felt pretty confident yesterday, but feel more apprehensive today.  The anxiety is creeping in.

I hope your New Year is all that you want it to be.
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