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fentanyl patches 100ul x ten years

I'm really scared that my PC is terminating my medicine since I c take regular medicine (anything with tylenol-so after many trials,tens unit ,biofeedback,N-said) either I h adverse reactions ,also CHF -so I have been able to function for the last ten years Without asking for increase.I know there is n high from these medications just functional pain relief.if I don't change the patch the 3rd day,I begin to sense my entire body having a low degree of what seems as being electrocuted to such a degree it's unbearable.four years ago,a doctor ripped my script without detox I couldn't walk,sit stand;I called the police and asked them to shoot me.I wasn't suicidal,I was in pain.
My job history in the military afforded me such pain.
I find myself in loss anytime I'm assigned a new PC
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